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Barcelona bridal week 2018

The world industry of marriages never stops surprising us with
original decisions and plans and
many celebrities announce  ...  Read more


Wedding fashion Moscow 2018

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum regularly hosts temporary
exhibitions, from our own collection or on loan from museums
and other organisations around ...Read more


Wedding fashion Moscow 2015

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum regularly hosts temporary
exhibitions, from our own collection or on loan from museums
and other organisations around ...Read more


If wedding fashion izmir 2018

IF Weddıng İzmir 2018 16 -19 Ocak. IF Wedding Fashion İzmir;
var olan pazarların yanısıra yeni işbirlikleri kurarak farklı
pazarlara ulaşmanızı sağlamak için sizi ...  Read more


Wedding fashion moscow 2017

International Exhibition Wedding Fashion Moscow - 
Latest from Wedding Fashion Moscow 11 Aug. 2017... 
Wedding Fashion Moscow... Read more


Interbride dusseldorf 2018

Interbride will be held in Düsseldorf,
Germany starting on 05th May, 2018. This Trade
Show is a 4 day end on 08th May, 2018... Read more


Wedding fashion moscow 2016

International Exhibition Wedding Fashion Moscow - 
Latest from Wedding Fashion Moscow 11 Aug. 2016... 
Wedding Fashion Moscow... Read more

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List of the world wedding exhibitions

Wedding Exhibitions as a Guarantee of prosperous Business

Actually it doesn’t matter which type of business you have, the guarantee of any business is its development. None company will last long and be prosperous if it stands at the same level without any changes. Such development is especially important when your business is connected with fashion, which is developing and changing with an enormous speed. Everyone agree that it is ridiculous and absolutely senseless to spend money for the long-obsolete clothes that are out of fashion for several years already. Wedding business is close to fashion as anyone else, because each bride wants to remember the day of her wedding for the whole life. She wants to be the queen on this day, look the best and feel the best. This is the main reason why choosing a wedding dress is so important task for the modern bride.  Because of this modern wedding salons and wedding gown wholesalers do their best to follow the “freshest” novelties and styles in the world of wedding fashion. The secret of success is simple, the more you are close to the modern hits in the wedding dresses industry, the more brides want to purchase your dresses to  follow the newest trends.

Nowadays the one of the simplest and the most interesting ways to develop your bridal wholesale business and always stay in trend are annual wedding exhibitions. Such type of exhibitions is held every year or in some cases several times per year in different countries. Modern designers, world famous manufacturers and brands as well as beginners in the world of wedding fashion come to these exhibitions to show their best works, exchange the experience, find the new partners and bridal wholesale suppliers. Such wedding fashion weeks and exhibitions are a great chance to find something new for wedding salons or bridal gown websites and refill the available collection of wedding dresses for brides and suits for grooms with something new and trendy.

Wedding Industry Development

During the last several years the development of the wedding industry in Ukraine and in the whole world has received enormous proportions, in almost every region of the prosperous countries large-scale wedding exhibitions are held. Today you can notice that the demand in the wedding market is rapidly growing every year, and together with it the market of wedding goods and services is developing, and the competition is growing together with it. This rapid development is the main reason why the wedding exhibitions are literally necessary. Thanks to such exhibitions, representatives of wedding services have an excellent opportunity to improve their business, to be competitive. In addition to this such events introduce and unite professionals of many companies. Wedding dresses from the world’s best designers, exquisite jewelry for brides, masterpieces of floral design, wedding gifts and luxurious halls for wedding celebrations, surprising with their glamour and brilliance, that always presents at such wedding exhibitions prove that the wedding is one of the brightest events in the life.

list of actual wedding exhibitions

» Wedding fashion Moscow» Barcelona bridal week» If wedding fashion izmir» Interbride Dusseldorf» Bridal Fashion Warszawa» National Bridal Market Chicago» China Wedding Expo» Canada's Bridal Show» New York Bridal Fashion Week» Wedding fashion Qatar, Doha
International Exhibition Wedding Fashion Moscow / Russian Exhibition Center ,
the biggest trade bridal show in Russia, central Asia and East Europe. More than 20 years we gather designers and manufacturers of bridal, occasional, groom`s wear, accessories and fabrics from all over the world. Every time the show is visited by thousands of professionals from more than 10 countries.


Official site of the exhibition - www.wedding-fashion-moscow.com

Barcelona bridal week - Fira de Barcelona. Utilizamos cookies propias y de terceros para mejorar nuestros servicios y mostrarle publicidad relacionada con sus preferencias. We have a highly successful track record. Once again, the show stood out for its international scope, brand diversity, blanket media coverage and increased visitor numbers.
barcelon abridal week
Official site of the exhibition - www.barcelonabridalweek.com
IF WEDDING FASHION İZMİR 12th Wedding Dresses, Suits and Evening Gowns Fair" will be open its doors to the world between February 16 - 19 January 2018 at the largest and most modern exposition center, "fuarizmir", in Turkey.


Official site of the exhibition - ifwedding.izfas.com.tr

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Wedding Industry in Ukraine

As in other prosperous European countries wedding industry in Ukraine doesn’t stand still and new trends and designs appear with the startling speed. Many wedding exhibitions and wedding fashion weeks are held every year in order to update existing bridal wedding collections with the newest options. During last years Ukrainian manufacturers and designers of wedding dresses not only successfully presented their works at the wedding exhibitions and such world famous events as Ukrainian Fashion Week, but also reached the world level of wedding fashion with a great éclat. Nowadays designers, manufacturers of wedding bridal gowns and bridal wholesalers from Ukraine represent their dresses, suits for grooms, wedding accessories and shoes at the world famous exhibitions in Barcelona (Spain), Izmir (Turkey) and Moscow (Russia).

The Ukrainian wedding dresses have a great success on the world market because their quality is much higher than a lot of other manufacturers from such countries as China, while the price tag is affordable in comparison with other European manufacturers. Many European countries visit such exhibitions in order to find partners with the first-class quality of their production, they don’t want to purchase cheap options and to lose their authority among their clients by selling the low-quality dresses. That is the reason why they are aimed on such products as those that are presented by Ukrainian manufacturers.

Ukrainian-made dresses are as good as other options presented by designers from other countries, while many models of Ukrainian dresses even surpass them by the quality of the materials used for the wedding dresses.