Shoes for the bride

How pick up shoes

How pick up shoes

In the wedding dress, every detail is important – the color of the dress, accessories, long veil. Not in the last place are shoes too. Just a couple of years ago, this part of the wedding image was treated with little interest, and the wedding salons offered the classic white «boats» on a small heel to the brides. But everything has changed since the very moment when there appeared young talented designers who were able to show how important the balance and harmony of all elements of the outfit.

How to choose the perfect pair of wedding shoes?

Each girl has her own imagination of a couple of shoes, in which she will go under the aisle and take pictures with guests. For someone, it’s light ballerinas, and for someone – shoes with a stud and platform. But there are several standard criteria for finding your ideal pair:

  • It does not matter whether it’s high heeled shoes or platform sneakers it should always be comfortable. The main thing is that you were comfortable with them. Shoes are better to buy a couple of weeks before the wedding and periodically wear them at home, so your feet are completely used to them and on the wedding day, you will not look like a clumsy bear.
  • The color of the shoe must match the color of the dress or accessories. In general, it is considered a good decision to match everything in tone or to sustain a difference in a couple of tones. You can choose shoes for the color of accessories. But it must be combined as accurately as possible. Do not choose shoes in the color of the decor on the dress.
  • Usually, shoes are selected, as we can say “by season”. If it’s freezing outside, do not put on open shoes just for the sake of beautiful pictures. Elegant boats can be worn in the restaurant.

Recently, practicality has become fashionable. Therefore, many brides purchase especially such shoes, in which they can go after the wedding. For this purpose ballet, moccasins, and sneakers are perfect. They will fit well not only with the wedding attire but also with a casual wardrobe.

Fashion trend – two pairs of shoes

Even if the weather is excellent and it becomes obvious that only sandals will suit you, some brides decide to buy two pairs of shoes. In fact, this solution is very correct and practical. It is worth considering that in the chosen pair of shoes you will spend about 12 hours. And in ordinary casual shoes is not always comfortable at the end of the day, what can we say about the festive dress? By purchasing two pairs of shoes, you will make your wedding day more comfortable. For the ceremony in the registry office, a photo session and a solemn part in a restaurant elegant slippers on heels will fit. But after all of the above, you can wear something more comfortable – ballerinas. moccasins, sneakers, etc. Perhaps this solution is not very economical, but at the end of the festive evening, you will feel yourself as easily as at the beginning.

Let’s select shoes under the silhouette of a wedding dress

There are only a few classical silhouettes of dresses, which are basic for all fashion designers. Silhouette of the mermaid will remain so, even if it will be embroidered with flowers and decorate with fringe or even if it will be plus size wedding dresses, and the A-silhouette will remain invariably strict, despite the gentle lace and appliqués. Therefore, in principle, it is not so difficult to pick up shoes under the silhouette of a dress.

High heels for the dress with a cut from the hip

Accurate shoes on thin feels will look just amazing in such an ensemble. They will visually be able to make the legs longer, and the waist thinner. And the whole figure as a whole, such shoes will give slenderness and grace. With a beautiful cut, there may be silhouettes of a mermaid or A-silhouette. Soft ballerinas, moccasins or sneakers for the princess Under the magnificent folds of a long skirt, it will not be noticeable are you on a wedge or in a sabot. Usually, only the toe of the shoe is seen. Therefore, you can safely put on comfortable shoes on a low platform. No one and guests will guess what you’re wearing, but you can freely move and dance with guests all day.

Sandals for dresses in Greek style

If you have chosen a free dress-toga, then it’s also worthwhile to work hard under such image. Therefore, sandals at low platform will approach this alongside as well as possible. It is both beautiful and comfortable. It is the dress in the Greek style that is very demanding on shoes – if you pick it up incorrectly, you can just mess up the whole image.

A universal dress, under which you can put on any shoes

There are dresses that are beautiful in themselves and do not need carefully select shoes. You can put on just what you like. Such dresses include many beautiful gowns of young and talented designer Iryna Kotapska. All sell wedding dress in the collection is a separate story, a unique design idea, which is completely completed. It is, for this reason, each of Iryna Kotapska’s wedding dress collection absolutely does not need additional decor, for example, jewelry or expensive accessories. Therefore, if you decide to buy wedding gowns online from the designer’s catalog or in discount wedding dress stores, do not worry, it will fit for the pair of shoes that you already bought or would like to buy. But it is better to buy shoes before buying a dress or fitting so that you can accurately determine the length of the skirt.

Which wedding shoes now are on trend

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Creating a fashion collection, all famous designers must choose a pair of shoes almost for each model separately. Therefore, in the fashion show of wedding dresses, you can immediately understand which shoes are considered fashionable now. And this year’s fashion is extreme and original:

  • Sandals on a low stroke with an open toe. Simple sandals will be a perfect addition to any wedding image, whether it is a dress with a long skirt or just up to the knee.
  • With floral motifs. Flowers in this season are very fashionable. They are decorated with wedding dresses, they also adorn the shoes. But it’s worth knowing the measure because the same floral print on the dress and shoes will look too lurid.
  • Embroidery with beads and crystals. A vivid contrast to the classic ballerinas – luxurious shoes with a stud, embroidered with crystals and sequins. But it is better to pick up such shoes for a dress that will allow them to show.

In conclusion, you can say that you do not need to chase fashion trends if you do not fit a particular type of shoes. In the first place should always be comforting. On wedding photos, the bride will look good not because of high heels or rich embroidery on expensive shoes, but due to her ease and good mood.


How to choose a quality dress

How to choose a quality dress

Looking at the elegant dresses for a wedding in the shop window or on the site, we usually see a beautiful picture. We like the dress, and we decide to buy it exactly here, completely forgetting about the quality and comfort. But these two criteria clearly manifest themselves on the day of the wedding, when the wedding attire is wrinkling and does not want to “sit” on the figure. Therefore, when choosing a wedding dress, you do not need to immediately believe in a beautiful picture; check the quality of materials and sewing. How to do it correctly, read on.

Where to buy – in the salon or in the online store?

In fact, a dress of good quality can be bought in the salon or on the site, where the works of designers are presented. Both of these options have their advantages. For example, if you decide to purchase a dress on the Internet, you can just go to the designer’s website and pick up the silhouette and model. Usually, a brand dress is made of quality materials and very neat because fashion houses always care about their image. They do not make sense to sell you a poor-quality wedding bridesmaid dresses, in which your guests will see you. But the purchase in the salon gives you the opportunity to touch and try on a dress. You will immediately be able to determine the quality of the fabric and tailoring, as well as to find out whether this style suits you or not. But in the showroom, there are often not so many models as in virtual stores, and at the cost, the model you like may not always be available. It’s up to you to decide where to buy. But regardless of whether you order a dress via the Internet or go for it to the salon, there are a few simple ways to determine whether a quality item is in front of you or not.

dress for the bride in tight
Dress for the bride corset

Method one: Fabric

Petite wedding dresses are usually made not from the usual tissues. To perform the outfit of the desired shape, usually, hard materials are used that hold the shape well and it is easier to apply embroidery or decorations on them. So if in the photo you saw a wide skirt with beautiful large folds, prepare for the fact that it is made of very dense fabric.

Quality materials pass air well. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to try on an outfit, you should not be hot in it, and the fabrics should be pleasant to the touch and not cause discomfort. If the lining and the dress itself rustles noticeably, then most likely you have a low-quality Chinese version made of synthetic materials. Natural fabrics practically do not make any sounds when wearing.

Method two: Corset

60% of brides prefer dresses with a corset. But in fact, it turns out that it was a huge mistake – the corset wrinkles and makes ugly folds at the waist. Actually, it’s not the corset’s blame, but the way it was done. A good corset should have a lot of vertical bones, and on the stomach should be located three of them. They must also fix the sides and back. Only, in this case, wearing a dress, you really get the perfect waist and bust shape. Bones are also important because they need to support the breast. There have been cases that those few bones that were sewn into the corset, simply broke under the weight of the bust. In this case, the corset begins to wrinkle and slide down, and the overall impression of your wedding image goes from the mark of 10 to the mark of 0.

Method three: Quality of tailoring

Exactly inaccurate tailoring clearly shows the face or Chinese analog. A well-sewn dress should not have crooked seams and protruding threads. Ideally, all internal seams and cuts should be additionally closed with fabric to avoid rubbing the skin. At external inspection, there should not be protruding threads even at the end of the seam or stitch, no knots, uneven stitch or anything else. Designer dresses are usually sewn by hand. And the brand is responsible for every model. Therefore, it makes sense to choose a wedding dress immediately on the site of a wedding gown designs. Or go to the salon with only good reviews and see which brands are represented there.

Method Four: Fittings and decor

Loose rhinestones or sprinkled sequins, badly glued crystals and bursting strands of beads – all this can be seen on many photos that the brides are showing after the wedding in social networks. Here you have a purchase from Chinese sites! Yes, maybe it’s cheaper there, but is more importantly – save money or look at all 100% in the wedding dress? A good brand always uses high-quality fittings, and all decorative elements are sewn by hand. It is the manual work that can guarantee the quality of the finished product. In addition, for sewing a wedding dress like on a picture, you need to use beads of the same size and quality crystals, otherwise on real will be seen that the dress is simply embroidered with glass and low-grade beads.

Method Five: Comfort

The dress should be very comfortable. It should not anywhere hurt the skin or vice versa, be too free. To determine exactly is the dress comfortable or not, you need to sit in it in a chair. If now you are comfortable, then this attire is worse for attention and its price. Do not trust advertising, choose a wedding dress according to the criteria listed above and then you will really look good for your wedding. The fact is that to create beautiful photos in the catalog or even on the store window, a special light and setting are used. In real life, it may turn out that a dress that is beautiful at first glance is much worse than the simplest version, which looks amazing on you. Looking for a quality dress? Pay attention to young designers Often, the bride cannot purchase the dress or bridesmaid dressing gowns she liked because of too high cost. Popular European brands sometimes so inflate the price that an ordinary buyer does not even have to dream of a dress from the catalog. In this case, if you ask yourself a question, where to buy wedding gowns near me, we recommend you to pay attention to young designers, for example, Iryna Kotapska. Her collections are also full of fresh solutions and original ideas. In addition, the prices for such outfits are noticeably lower than those of European and American brands. Therefore, you can buy a dress of excellent quality at an affordable price and look really stunning at your wedding. The fashion house offers ball gowns and wedding dresses for every taste, different cuts, and styles. In the collections, there are bold outfits with a deep neckline and an open back or on the contrary more restrained with a high neck and sleeves. In a word, if you are looking for a high-quality, original and at the same time inexpensive dress, Iryna Kotapska brand unites all these qualities.


how to pick up a glowes

How to pick up gloves

how to pick up a glowes

How to pick up gloves

No matter how the fashion changes and whatever new trends appear every new season, gloves in the wedding ensemble of the bride always were and will be. They can vary, change the length and design, but still this accessory is the final touch to every wedding image. Gloves should be selected to the attire which you have already bought in the wedding salon. Do not do the opposite – choose a dress for gloves. Today such wedding accessories are presented simply in huge quantities. A young bride usually cannot decide which pair of gloves will perfectly match with the selected wedding dress. To choose gloves, it is worth to know what types they can be. Gloves are divided into types along the length and quality of the material:

  • By length. Gloves can be short (to the wrist), medium length (not reaching the elbow), and long (above the elbow).
  • By the type of fabric. Such a wedding accessory can be made of dense satin, lace or mesh.

Also, gloves can be with open fingers or completely cover the hand and fingers. Models with open fingers allow you to easily put on the ring during the ceremony. But completely closed models look very elegant and stylish. Recently, designers offer not only white but also color models. The original solution will be to pick up a white dress with colored gloves and a belt. Or you can even move away from the classics and put on your wedding dress of unusual color and the same gloves.

glowes for wedding

Original and fashionable look models with decor – crystals, beads and embroidered with sequins. They can be combined with jewelry or tiaras but can be made simply as an independent bright detail of your image. Gloves under the silhouette of a wedding dress. There are several basic silhouettes of wedding dresses, for them, you need to select gloves. Of course, now the brides appear at their weddings, as they like. But you still need to know how to combine accessories right. So, the silhouette of a princess is a fluffy skirt down to the floor and a tight corset. To this dress will be very suitable long gloves above the elbow. Also, a good solution will be short mitts or fully closed gloves to the wrist. The lush dress always attracts maximum attention, so gloves should be like a completion of this royal image. Dress silhouette of a mermaid – fully fitting, a skirt from the knee and lower loose. This dress makes the figure look like a vase – it well hides shortcomings and emphasizes the dignity of the figure. A skirt visually makes the waist and hips slimmer. With this dress, you can wear long gloves or short openwork. A-line bridesmaid gown is a straight skirt of free cut and the same light and elegant top. With this dress, you can wear gloves of any length. Gloves of medium length to the elbow look very good. They give the image some romanticism and grace.

glowes for wedding black

Dress in a straight skirt of air chiffon – the top can be in the form of a corset or top. Gloves are of medium length or long. This dressing gown allows you to choose any accessories and decorations. Gloves from lace though look original, but they must be combined with some element of the dress. If you wear a tight dress of chiffon in a laconic style and openwork long gloves, this will primarily look incomprehensible. Therefore, the dress should have lace elements – on the corset, on the skirt, sleeves. Satin gloves look good with any wedding dress. If you have a dress silhouette princess, then gloves can be without any inserts. With all the other silhouettes, it’s better to wear models with small inserts from the mesh or lace. Gloves from the mesh look a little coquettish, so they should be worn with a dress of original cut and design. Mesh can be combined with the same transparent inserts on the corset, back, sleeves. Usually, gloves from the mesh on the wrist are decorated with some decor. Where can you buy original designer dresses and accessories for them? Looking through the fashion magazines for brides, each girl finds one, and perhaps several memorable images, which it is simply impossible to realize in practice – the stores offer standard accessories for classic dresses and formal bridesmaid dresses. If you see a gorgeous dress and cannot forget it, and a pair of such gorgeous gloves, you should look for an affordable analog in the collections of young talented designers. One of these at the moment is Iryna Kotapska. The designer has her own studio for tailor-made wedding and bridesmaid dresses and accessories for them. Therefore, you can not only find a chic dress, but also original gloves. A special feature of the designer is a completely handmade sewing and decoration of each dress. Manual embroidery on corsets and skirts, as well as accessories also distinguishes this fashion house from the rest. Each dress from Iryna Kotapska it is:

  • Thin lace with patterns.
  • Embroidery with beads and Swarovski crystals.
  • Thin weightless tulle.
  • Quality Japanese fittings.
gloves for wedding

Thanks to all these qualities, dresses in collections will please you with their beauty and comfort, skillfully embroidered patterns and an ideal fit in the figure. Collections of the designer are divided into styles, but all the outfits have one thing in common – a special charm and elegance of the silhouette. Therefore, it does not matter if you have the ideal shapes or figure of Aphrodite, you can find an elegant outfit in the designer’s catalog. Iryna Kotapska’s studio annually presents its new models and collections at world-famous exhibitions in Moscow, Madrid, Chicago. Also, the entire range can be viewed in the online catalog. For wholesale buyers, there are good discounts and a loyal price program. The designer offers off the rack wedding dresses in all existing sizes – from the smallest to the plus size. In addition, each wholesale buyer has the opportunity to purchase models from earlier collections at reduced prices. So which gloves to choose? To find good and original, suitable for style gloves, you should choose a dress and accessories together, no matter if you look at the catalog on the wedding dress sites or stand in the salon. You can pick up your favorite dress and immediately see all the current models of gloves. This will create a truly carefully thought out and harmonious image, each detail of which will be ideal and noticeable.


How to find a good salon with wedding dresses

How to find a good salon with wedding dresses

How to find a good salon with wedding dresses

How to find a good salon with wedding dresses

Well, here comes the exciting day, when it’s time to choose a bridal dress The question is how to find a good salon with wedding dresses, in which you will find the only one and unique that you have already drawn in your dreams. Salons that offer wedding dresses for brides, bridesmaid and even plus size mother of the bride dresses in every big city are in abound. But there are specific differences between the usual store with dresses and real salon about which you should know:

  • Only wedding dresses, accessories, shoes, and jewelry should be sold in the salon. Other goods not related to the wedding theme, in this salon for brides, are not for sale.
  • The atmosphere and interior, in general, should be festive, romantic and luxurious. Having entered such a salon, the bride should feel a joyful anticipation from the upcoming fitting. This moment is very important, as for choosing a dress there must be a special wedding mood.
  • The wedding salon should be spacious, not small. Brides with friends, relatives, sometimes with the groom usually come here. And there can be several such companies in the salon simultaneously.
  • In the wedding dress shop, there should be a podium for viewing models or at least a large free place in the center, as well as several soft sofas for the bride’s satellites. Also in a good wedding salon can offer a cup of coffee or tea, light treats or mineral water.

Now you can definitely determine where to go in search of the perfect dress. It is very important to go to the salon and at least a little to understand which style of dress you would like to try on. Otherwise, you will have to try dozens of different outfits to understand that the silhouette of a mermaid is not for you, and the princess looks very good. Many brides do not like to spend long hours in salons, so pay attention to some specific models. But if you have the time and desire, you can try on all the outfits in the salon. It is your right.

A few important nuances before you buy a wedding dress in the wedding salon

How to find a good salon with wedding dresses important things

To choose a wedding dress should be taken as seriously as possible and you even may prepare yourself for this important matter. First of all, do not go to the salon dresses in a bad mood. Because of your negative mood, all attires will seem ugly and you will not find the perfect outfit for yourself. Therefore, choose a day or at least half a day, cheer yourself up with a cup of coffee, make a beautiful styling and set off in an excellent mood in the salon.

Also, do not go to the salon alone. First, you need a fresh look from the outside. Secondly, the opinion of the consultant should not be decisive, because this is not your close friend or relative and he often does not care how you will look at the wedding. You can go to the same salon several times. First time look at the range of dresses and appreciate the hospitality of the staff. But for the second time, take someone as an adviser and set the goal «to purchase wedding dresses near me».

A few tips that will be useful during of choosing the wedding dress in the salon:

  • Ask the consultant which style of dresses will suit you most of all. A good and experienced consultant should offer several models based on your growth, complexion, hair color and skin.
  • Do not take a dress for a size (or two!) smaller. Many brides expect to lose weight well before the wedding, to look simply charming. But only a few really succeed. So choose a dress of your size. Correct only the length of the skirt.
  • Don’t forget to take to the salon wedding shoes, and already under them select the length of the outfit. Usually, the dress and shoes should be the same tone.

New bridal fashion brands in bridal salons

How to find a good salon with wedding dresses bridal saloons

Each bride wants to find a unique dress, tailored to the individual design of the talented master. But in practice, it is very difficult to find such an outfit. Most salons offer quite typical models, made in the classical style. If you want something exclusive and unusual, prepare to spend a lot of money on this author’s dress.

A good solution is to pay attention to the collection of young, but no less talented top wedding dress designers. One of these is Iryna Kotapska. This designer offers amazingly beautiful and charm collections of wedding dresses that combine classics and fashion trends.

The works of Iryna Kotapska are interesting because:

  • Each dress is sewn by the master of the studio by hand.
  • All collections are permeated with a unique charm and tenderness, which suits any girl.
  • In collections, there is a great variety of silhouettes – princess, mermaid, A-silhouette, straight and others.
  • The best fabrics, beads, Swarovski crystals and Japanese accessories are used for sewing each dress.
  • The secret of weightlessness and lightness of dresses is in a thin invisible mesh, which became the basis for creating the most incredible and vivid dresses.

Collections of the designer annually take part in all the most significant and visited exhibitions of the world – Moscow, Barcelona. Dusseldorf and others. If you do not have the opportunity to visit one of these exhibitions, all collections can be viewed in the online catalog. Also here you can find models of wedding dresses at low prices.

The designer offers outfits for girls with any complexions and understanding of beautiful dress. In the catalog, you can see tight-fitting and very revealing outfits, with a lush skirt and tight corset, a free-flowing cut. A special feature and a business card of the brand is hand embroidery using beads and crystals. In some models, openwork patterns of pearls are sewn straight on a transparent mesh, which gives the impression that the beaded threads lie directly on the skin of the bride. It looks very nice and original.

How to find a good salon with wedding dresses

As for the sizes, in the catalog there are models for very slender girls, and also for the owners of magnificent forms. A big surprise for connoisseurs of aesthetics is the possibility to order a dress not only in classic white but also in several other shades – pink, cream, beige, powder. In short, in the designer’s wedding dresses list, you can really find a dream dress, and even at an affordable price.

For wholesale buyers, there are always favorable offers – the opportunity to buy a whole collection or just some models, sew an exclusive collection to order with a limited number of dresses. You can also buy at a lower price dresses from earlier collections, as the range of a fashion house is constantly updated with new models.


Wedding Youth Trends 2019

Wedding Youth Trends

Wedding Youth Trends

Choosing a wedding dress, many brides want to look not only beautiful but also fashionable in this season. Fashion is very volatile, but still, you can follow some of the wedding trends this year. Then your wedding dress will surprise your guests not only with its luxury but also with style. So, here is a small hit-parade of the most fashionable wedding “stuffs” this year, which can be found in the catalogs of not only well-known and well-advertised brands, but also young talented designers, and at reasonable prices.

Wedding Youth Trends 2018

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Number 1. Cape and pelerine

In this season, all kinds of capes and pelerines from different fabrics are fashionable – lace, tulle, also denser chiffon or satin. A beautiful, fashionable cape can be worn over the wedding dress; it can be very short or just to the floor. This supplement will perfectly match with wedding dresses with open shoulders. This season, very fashionable also became bustier dresses, with which such capes and pelerines will be combined just superb.

Number 2. Lace fantasies

Lace is back in fashion again. But this time from it can be seen a whole wedding dress. And it does not matter what style it is, with a long sleeve or short, with an open back or completely closed, long or short. Designers offer a variety of models – only from dense lace, and with a lower contrast lining. Under such lacy splendor, you can pick up the same lace gloves and lace-lined veil. But do not overload your image with intricate patterns and ornaments. You can dilute the lace with lacquered shoes and a small handbag.

Number 3. Simplicity of shape

Designers offer this season marriage dress for bride of a very simple cut. It can be a simple corset without embroidery and a long straight skirt. But such a dress can be perfectly complemented with a delicate cape, beautiful jewelry, original accessories, and a veil of any length. This minimalism surely will appeal to girls with an exquisite and refined taste, who wants to look at their wedding, not pathos, but very feminine and laconic.

Number 4. Light feathers

What else can designers surprise us this year? And there is something to amaze. This year’s trends are feathers. With it can be decorated just a whole skirt or a belt, they can become a beautiful frame for the neckline on the corset of the wedding dress or a beautiful edging for the veil. Even accessories are decorated with feathers.

Number 5. Flowers

Small neat roses and lilies can often be seen on wedding dresses of brides from different eras. But this season the designers decided to do everything to the maximum. Corsets and skirts are decorated with floral applications, print, and embroidery. The wedding dress can be decorated with flowers only lightly or embroidered completely. There are not too much flowers in this season! And everything is fashionable – from simple decorative elements to large and voluminous applications that can decorate a corset, straps, belt of a skirt.

Number 6. Rustic and Boho

Connoisseurs of elegant simplicity will surely appreciate the ideas of designers this season – wedding dresses of simple straight cut, lavishly decorated with embroidery, fringe, ribbons, crystals, lace inserts. Such magnificence is simply impossible not to notice, the simple cut turns into a real masterpiece. An interesting detail is that such luxurious attire is suitable just with make-up in natural colors, simple styling, ornaments from real flowers. The image can be completed with a small tiara and a long simple veil.

Number 7. Pearls and accessories

Wedding Youth Trends 2018

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Fashion brings us back to the beginning of the last century because pearls are again relevant. A wedding dress and accessories can be embroidered with pearls. You can just put on pearl beads, bracelet, earrings, brooch. Small pearls can decorate the wedding dress itself, for example, a corset or a skirt. If you do not like pearls, and you think it is a little old-fashioned, there is another option for you – a neat choker embroidered with beads. Also, designers advise not to forget about accessories, the most relevant in this season are the hat and gloves. You can be at the wedding ceremony in a veil, and then change it to a beautiful elegant hat and gloves in a tone. Thus, you will get two wedding images at once.

Where to buy a dress, as on the cover of a fashion magazine?

Do you think where to buy wedding gowns and that the fashionable high street wedding dresses, that are shown on the catwalks and in the magazines for the brides are unattainable height for you? In this case, you should look in the catalogs and collections of young talented designers who will also present their collections this year. Iryna Kotapska’s design studio offers a wide range of wedding and cocktail dresses that combine classic silhouettes and modern fashion trends. Here you can find a fashionable embroidery, pearls, laces, simple silhouettes.

Wedding Youth Trends 2018

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Each dress of designer Iryna Kotapska is a real masterpiece! The designer tries to offer wedding outfits, not similar one to another not in style, or decor. The business card of the brand became handmade embroidery. In the collections you can find simple classic dresses with an openwork top or more luxurious models, embroidered with Swarovski crystals, beads and paillettes, and also decorated with fringe, which is also fashionable this season. The peculiarity of each outfit is that it is not necessary to select accessories for it.

Annually the brand takes part in all fashionable and significant exhibitions around the world, where new collections are presented. If you do not have the opportunity to visit one of the exhibitions, you can see all the novelties and the range of the fashion house in the affordable wedding dress websites. Internet shopping is also very convenient, in the catalog you can choose the color and size, as well as look at all existing models.

The main trend of this year

The main trend of this season is naturalness. You can choose an outfit of any complexity, style, design, and cut. But it is worth remembering that make-up should be as natural as possible and emphasize natural beauty. The same can be said about hairstyles. It is not necessary to make three-tier hairstyle and decorate it with pearl threads. Accurate simple hairstyle, waves, braids – that’s what you need to create an ideal, but fashionable image.


Wedding dress for princess

How to choose shoes for a wedding

How to choose shoes for a wedding

Preparing for their own wedding, many girls pay maximum attention to the choice of a marriage dress for the bride. Although properly selected shoes are not less important. You want to choose a beautiful and comfortable wedding dress, but what about shoes? The most luxurious outfit will be spoiled by a tired gait. Therefore, it is worth spending a little time to choose the best pair of shoes, which will be convenient the whole day.So far there are no separate salons where you can buy a pair of wedding shoes. Usually, shoes for a wedding dress are presented in the salon, where you buy a dress. But in most cases, these are uninteresting classical models, which they have nowhere to put on. Therefore, many girls choose shoes separately; they search on the Internet or in shoe boutiques.

A few interesting and useful tips from designers of wedding shoes will help to make the search and selection of an ideal pair of shoes more simple.

Tip 1: comfort in the first place

If you are used to constantly wear high heels, then 10-12 centimeter heels for you will definitely not be a problem. Well, if you usually wear sneakers or ballerinas, but decided to wear high-heeled shoes at the wedding, you need to practice a little at home. When you bought a favorite pair, resemble it at home.

Tip 2: usability and versatility

Many brides now take away the preference for wedding shoes of universal color – it’s cream, beige or powder. It fits well with the wedding dress. And also it can be worn for another event or holiday. Shoes of these colors are good for the office costume too. Therefore, it is not at all necessary to acquire pathos shoes with crystals and rhinestones that will hardly be visible under the folds of the skirt, and they will lie in the box because you simply have nowhere else to put them on.

Tip 3: color combination

Wedding designers do not recommend combining a classic white dress with shoes of other colors. Also, this rule works if your dress is golden, pink, and beige. To such wedding dresses you need to choose shoes of the appropriate color, otherwise, a pair of shoes will simply ruin your image, so carefully created for several weeks, or maybe months.

Tip 4: if you get married in a short dress…

Fashion houses offer wedding dresses of non-standard cut, style, and even length. Now you can go under the crown in a dress up to the knee and even higher. If you abandoned the classic long princess silhouette dress and decided to show your beautiful legs, then the shoes should be appropriate. With a short skirt look good shoes with a high elegant heel-stud. Therefore, you will have to walk in them all evening.

A pair of wedding shoes – how they must look like?

Shoes should be selected in accordance with the style and color of your wedding dress. Therefore, if you bought a pair of shoes before the dress, you must necessarily take them to the wedding salon or fitting. First, you need to see how they will be combined with the model you have chosen. And secondly, you need to determine the length of the skirt, if it is long in the chosen model.

Two pairs instead of one

Some brides decide to buy at the wedding two pairs of shoes – with a heel and without it. For a wedding photo session and a ceremony, they wear beautiful high-heeled shoes, and in the restaurant, they are changed to more comfortable ballerinas or even sneakers. This is a pretty good solution, but again everything depends on the style and length of the wedding dress.

Tankette or low heel

Another no less practical option are shoes not on the heel, but on the tankette. The tankette is more stable, therefore the foot in such shoes does not get tired. Shoes with a low wide heel will also be an excellent solution if you pick up a pair of quality branded shoes; your legs will not get tired at all. Shoes on a tankette or a small heel fit both to a long dress and to models with a short skirt.

Dresses, under which you can put on any shoes

A wedding is always a bustle and a lack of time. So if you have a question, where to buy wedding gowns or affordable wedding dresses near me, beautiful and inexpensive, go online and visit the website of the fashion designer of wedding and evening fashion Iryna Kotapska. Beautiful and flying wedding dresses attract attention with a combination of simplicity and luxury, grace and complex lines. Under any outfit, you can wear simple white “boats” or shoes in which you will be really comfortable.

Fashion designer Iryna Kotapska offers a wide range of dresses for the wedding for every taste. All dresses attract attention with an interesting design and luxurious handmade embroideries. Therefore, all attention will be drawn to your wedding attire, not shoes. Due to the long skirt, shoes are simply invisible, so you can freely pick up a pair of neat white or cream colored sneakers, miniature ballerinas or any other shoes that you feel comfortable with.

Fashion designer attracts attention with an unusual combination of classic silhouettes and fashionable accents in outfits. Every year the fashion house presents its new collection, in which the most trendy solutions and feminine romanticism are subtly combined. The entire range of designer can be viewed in the wedding dress shops, an online store of wedding dresses or on one of the exhibitions where you can not only see the latest novelties of the brand but also evaluate the quality of materials, work, cut and sewing.

In addition to the large assortment in the catalog, you can choose a dress at a reasonable price. After comfort and quality, the availability of all outfits from the catalog comes to the first place. Therefore, if you have a question, where to get wedding dresses, Iryna Kotapska studio will be an excellent solution.

For wholesale buyers often operates a profitable system of discounts and offers. In the affordable wedding dress websites, you can order dresses of any size and several colors to choose from. Also, there are models of large sizes. A great advantage of the brand can be considered exclusively hand-sewing all the outfits, which indicates the high quality and comfort of each presented model in the catalog.


Hairstyle for a wedding dress

How to choose the right hairstyle for a wedding dress

How to choose the right hairstyle for a wedding dress

Bridal dress and hairstyle – these two things immediately are conspicuous, as soon as we see the bride at the wedding. That’s why many girls make complex styling and haircuts with an incredible interweaving of hair. Although in fact it may be enough just slightly lay the hair with light waves and pin up a pair of curls with a beautiful barrette.

Hairstyles for brides

To properly choose a hairstyle, you must first decide where to buy wedding dresses. Hairstyles are chosen according to the type of fabric and the style of the wedding dress. Here are some tips:

  • Lightweight weightless chiffon will look good with the same simple hairstyle. Therefore, you can carry the hair in a high hairstyle and let out a pair of beautiful long curls.
  • Dresses with lace look good with beautiful styling, high hairstyle, well-laid curls. The hairstyle must be neat, possibly complex and unusual.
  • Dresses in Greek style look great with nicely curled curls. This outfit can be supplemented with a small tiara.

But of course, you need to choose your hairstyle not only according to the type of fabric but also by the style, design of the dress. Many new models of wedding dresses allow you to choose any haircut – curls, light waves, braids, lush mane. First and foremost, you need to know which hairstyle and styling fit your type of face.

Hairstyles for brides

Hairstyles for brides – see more

Hairstyles for brides

Hairstyles for brides – see more

Hairstyles for brides

Hairstyles for brides – see more

What not to do before the wedding

Before your wedding is a week or less? Then just do not change the color of your hair. Most likely you have chosen a dress and a haircut under the color and a shade of hair, therefore in other shade all can be looked in another way. If you really want to look somehow in a new way, you can use a tone balm that will make your hair color brighter and more saturated.

Also, before the wedding itself, you should not change your haircut. If you want to change the image and cut your hair or make a model haircut, it’s best to do it two to three weeks before the wedding. During this time, the hair will grow a little and the haircut itself will look more natural.

How correctly to combine a hairstyle and a dress?

If you liked the dress from the cover of a fashion magazine, it does not necessarily look like in the same way on your wedding either. Experiment a little at home before the celebration, try a few different options. But in general, you can choose a hairstyle for the silhouettes of a wedding dress. This is the easiest and most convenient way. Successfully combining the style of dress and styling, you can create a whole harmonious and well thought out image.

A princess

This is a dress with a lush skirt and tight corset. In this outfit, every girl will feel like a real princess. And what kind of hair do real princesses have? Beautiful tresses carried in a high hairstyle or with a beautiful barrette on one side. To such a dress is perfect the tiara with crystals, which will give the image more radiance.


Tight wedding robes look good with neatly laid hair. Also, the hair can be decorated with pearl threads or a beautiful hair clip. The second option is a lush hair-mane with carefully laid out every curl.

Straight silhouette

A laconic and strict dress looks good with light waves or curls; it is also possible to assemble hair into a low tail. Everything in the image should be simple and sloppy careless.

Dresses in Greek style

This outfit looks great with small curls or braids. The whole image should be light and simple, at the same time very feminine and romantic. A beautiful addition will be a small tiara.

Additional hair accessories

Hairstyles for brides

Beautifully and appropriately in the hair will look thin thread with pearls, but only if there are not many of them. You can also complement your hair with hairpins with large and small flowers, a bow, hair clips with rhinestones, ribbons. It all depends on the style of the dress itself. If the outfit is made in a simple laconic style, then the hair must match it. That is a minimum of jewelry, all attention to the bride. If the wedding dress is embroidered with beads, bright decor, then the hair can be decorated somehow more expressively.

Although recently designers of wedding fashion prefer simplicity and naturalness that is why a perfect addition to the dress will be a simple, but elegant and carefully laid haircut, where each curl is in its place. Perhaps, it is necessary to make simply beautiful styling, which will be suitable for your face type and harmoniously combined with the outfit.

The outfit under which any haircut fits

Do you want to look elegant and feminine and very stylish at the wedding? At the same time feel comfortable and free? Then pay attention to the bridal shops’ bridesmaid dresses to the collection of wedding dresses from the fashion young designer Iryna Kotapska. Under many models of wedding dresses, you can make an easy styling or carry hair with an exquisite hairstyle. This is the type of wedding dresses that combines grace and simplicity, allowing you to create the most romantic and fashionable wedding images.

The designer bridesmaid dresses offer several collections of wedding dresses, which differ in style. They can be divided into several types:

  • Lovely dress for the princess. This model of a dress with a dense corset, decorated with embroidery and a lush long skirt. Each dress is sewn by hand by the studio masters, so it sits perfectly on the figure. You can carry hair with a high hairstyle and focus on the neckline, jewelry or lay them with beautiful curls, using a beautiful hair clip.
  • Tight at the top and free at the bottom – it is a dress of the silhouette Mermaid. Such dresses can wear girls who are not afraid to show their figure. Therefore, the hair should be appropriate – a lush styling, which will be combined with a long free part of the outfit or a strict styling that, will make the image more elegant and refined.
  • A straight dress will allow you to style your hair, as you like. Straight cut dresses with a long skirt visually make the figure slimmer, but adding some laconism to the image, so the choice of hair must be treated very carefully.

Studio Iryna Kotapska offers outfits for, bride wedding completely made manually by craftsmen at reasonable prices. If you are asking yourself, where to find wedding dresses just go online to the site of a fashion house and dive into the world of beauty and unsurpassed style. The fashion house offers a large selection of bridal dresses online in its catalog, as well as presenting novelties in the most fashionable and popular exhibitions of the world. If you do not have the opportunity to visit one of these exhibitions, you can see all the new presentations and even buy wedding dress online

A great advantage of the brand can be considered affordable bridal gown prices for almost the entire range. Also, there is an opportunity to purchase models of past seasons at very attractive prices. Therefore, if you are the owner of a dozen of wedding salons or even several shops, you will surely be able to find a profitable offer for yourself.



Wedding makeup: how to choose a make-up for a wedding dress

Wedding makeup: how to choose a make-up for a wedding dress

Each bride wants to be the most beautiful and the brightest at her wedding. Only the concepts of the beauty of each person are different. For some, beauty is a python skin dress and gold jewelry, and someone likes a straight dress on the floor without a single decor or a flower. If you really want to become irresistible, but at the same time elegant on your wedding day, you need to correctly combine dress and makeup.The dress does not have to be expensive or of unusual cut. The main thing is how you will wear it – confidently and gracefully or constantly thinking about what guests think about you. Therefore, the first thing to do is to choose a model of a wedding dress in which you will feel comfortable physically and morally. At first, choose a perfect dress for yourself, and then you can start creating an image of trembling beauty and refinement.

Point 1: correctly combine colors

The gold rule always and everywhere – do not overdo it. This means that you always must know the measure. Therefore, if you have a classic white, cream or beige wedding dress, you should choose make-up in the same light and natural colors. A bright accent can be expressive eyes and lips. But do not experiment on your wedding day and do make-up a la Moulin Rouge.

“Now in trend is the naturalness”

This year, as never before, makeup will be appreciated in natural colors, which will suit, perhaps, any dress of classic shade and cut.

Point 2: beautiful skin

The most attention should be paid to smoothing the skin tone. Nothing decorates the bride, and any girl in general, like a beautiful well-groomed healthy skin with a natural blush, without excessive shine and the effect of the porcelain mask. If you can find a good make-up master, consider that you are lucky. A beautiful smooth skin tone is the main thing in good make-up. The right decision, in this case, will emphasize the eyes and the line of the lips.

Point 3: If you want to make a bright accent

Most brides prefer dresses in classic shades, but the classic modest makeup is not always. If you want to look feminine, but at the same time stylish and modern, you can focus on the eyes – makeup smoky eyes. In black, this makeup will look more expressive. And in brown – natural.

You can also emphasize the lips, giving them a beautiful shape with a contour pencil and shine. But in order not to make an image vulgar, you need to choose one of the two.

Point 4: Beautiful makeup all day long

If you look at wedding photos of our moms or even older friends, you can notice an unobtrusive fact – at the painting ceremony, the bride looks beautiful. But in the evening, cutting the cake her face is not so fresh and bright. It’s all about make-up, which did not “endure” the day marathon in the registry office, the park, and the restaurant.

That at the wedding such did not happen, choose modern techniques of drawing of cosmetics. For example, an aerografy. This technique will make the tone and makeup itself perfectly smooth. Cosmetics will not be erased all day long. But if you do not have money for a professional make-up artist with experience of using new techniques, you can independently make a firm and natural tone of your face- water a sponge, apply a foundation cream on your face and evenly spread it. This will also help to hold on makeup noticeably longer than usual.

Point 5: Every detail matters

Makeup on the face should be like a continuation of the wedding dress. After all, first of all, when looking at the bride, many pay attention to her wedding dress. Therefore, you need to focus not on fashion trends, but on what is the best for you:

  • A straight dress with a straight skirt looks a little stern, so makeup should also be restrained. A perfect option – a matte tone of the face, lipstick of natural or cold pink tones, elegant hairstyle.
  • With classic princess silhouette dress, you can afford more expressive makeup. It all depends on how you want to look – romantic and feminine or bright and attract attention. In this case, the smoky eye makeup will look very nice.
  • The dress of the silhouette of the Mermaid looks elegant but at the same time a little coquettish. You can distinguish the lips with a bright lipstick of a beautiful juicy hue.
  • Dress in Greek style. Of course, natural colors and gold are suitable here – shades of golden or bronze color, lipstick in very gentle tones, slightly braided hair. In a word, everything is very simple, a little careless, but luxurious and stylish.

A beautiful dress and high-quality make-up is a guarantee that at the wedding you will be in the spotlight. The dress does not have to be very expensive or embroidered with real pearls. The secret of the perfect dress is in its design and decor. Studio Iryna Kotapska offers a large selection of handmade wedding dresses and bridal accessories at reasonable prices. You can order bridal gowns online, we offer discount bridal.

In the catalog of the designer, you can find dozens of affordable bridal dresses and exquisite images of a modern bride of different styles and designs – embroidered with beads and crystals, with complex openwork ornaments, floral patterns, made of transparent thin tulle or completely closed, with short and long sleeves.

The main accent designer makes on a beautifully designed corset, which would create an ideal waistline and bust. Therefore, any bride in such wedding dress will feel confident and free. The main direction in the collections is a new interpretation of the classic silhouettes. There are no colorful outfits with pathos decor. The main task is to emphasize the natural beauty of the bride. Therefore, to buy such a dress, you can do absolutely any make-up within the frames of the classic style and “luxury”.


The best trends since the fall of 2018


The best trends since the fall of 2018

How to look ultrafashionable at your own wedding? Want to know? We will tell you about the latest innovations from the Fall 2018 Bridal Fashion Week podiums. This year, designers surprised us by the variety of decor and the combination of classics and modernity. So, here is our hot parade of interesting trend decisions for the fall of 2018!

Airy capes

The cape allows you to create several images in one. If you want to make the official part of the ceremony in a classic low-key style, put on your shoulders a light cape made of thin tulle or chiffon. After the ceremony, it can be taken off and show your wedding attire in all its glory. In addition, the cape can be an excellent addition to all bridal gowns, making it more interesting and original. For example, choose an openwork cape with ornaments, as on a corset or on the hem of a skirt. In a word, there are a lot of ideas, it all depends on you.

Halter Necklines

Enough to emphasize the bust and waist, it’s time to show the shoulders! Halter Necklines will show beautiful shoulders and will pay more attention to the face. This is an excellent option for girls with any type of figure. A high collar and open shoulders are also able to gracefully emphasize the bust and beautiful waist.

The luxury of gold

Gold jewelry and accessories have always been in vogue. And what about dresses? This year you have the opportunity to show off at the wedding in a dress of this unique color. But it is worthwhile to know that gold dresses attract maximum attention to themselves, so you need to choose the appropriate make-up and hairstyle. But you need to be careful with decorations, it’s better to be without them at all. Otherwise, it can turn out too vulgar.

Bows big and small

Bows were considered as classic attributes of the wedding dress for many years. It was an inconspicuous detail, but only until today. Designers decorated corsets, sleeves, skirts with bows, even used a bow instead of a strap. This season you can see the most unusual interpretations of bows of all sizes and shapes.

Ball dresses

Whatever novelties are not offered by fashion houses, a classic ball gown will always be in a trend. A tight corset and a sumptuous skirt is an ideal outfit for many brides since childhood. With such dresses perfectly match not less fashionable capes, about which we wrote above.

Sleeves with a cut or split sleeve

A noteworthy trend novelty is a long sleeve with a large cut. This solution will give your image more movement and ease. Such sleeves are usually made of thin tulle or chiffon. This solution can be combined with the same air wedding dress with cuts on the sides. Also, it would be equally interesting to look at a dress made of fabric with a light shine.

Pink – it’s stylish!

Pink again returned to the fashion podiums. This year, pink is represented in a wide range of colors – from deep to more tender tones. And the model of the dress can be different – princess, mermaid, A-silhouette. Pink flowers will be an excellent decor for your pink dress. To make the outfit more vivid, choose a fashionable pink cape. Interestingly, the dress does not have to be just pink color. Designers offer models with patterns and even prints.


Do you want to look untypical at a wedding, but at the same time are looking for some kind of classic solution? This season, designers offer wedding trouser suits and overalls. This option is suitable for a wedding ceremony in a modern style.

High collar

Want to bring in your image more luxury and a little rigor? A high collar of lace is easy to cope with this task. Also in this season, you can see the collars of fine tulle, satin, chiffon, with embroidery and ornaments.

Sleep dresses

Connoisseurs of simple refinement will surely like this fashion trend. A simple long dress that fits the figure will suit girls with any figure. Thin straps or a boho sleeve, some lace or embroidery on the bodice – that’s all you need for your perfect wedding image. Typically, these outfits are made of flowing silk or satin, due to that an easy movement effect is created.

Where can you buy a fashion dress?

Dresses from fashion shows are certainly beautiful and some girls would like to appear at the wedding in one of this new bridal dress. But not every bride has such an opportunity. Moreover, podium models are presented in a single variant. The perfect solution will be the Internet, or rather to order a fashionable dress through an online store. If you are looking for bridal dresses, online shopping will be the best way to buy it quickly.

Fashion designer Iryna Kotapska offers dozens of original and trendy outfits for brides with any preference in fashion. In the collections, there are models with a long and short sleeve, made of thin tulle or completely closed. A feature of the fashion house is a hand embroidery and 3D applique. Embroidered with mesh and beaded outfits look stylish and unusual. In the catalog for sure, you can find a great choice of attires of modest classics, with strict straight lines, lush skirts and tight corsets.

This year the designer presented a new collection taking into account all the fashionable novelties in this and the next season. All dresses can be bought at wholesale prices. If you are the owner of a wedding salon or an entire chain of shops, you can order a whole collection at very competitive prices. Wholesale buyers are always offered discount bridal gowns and loyal prices. Also, you can visit bridal dress sale and order some models at a very low price.

Please note that all of Iryna Kotapska’s dresses are sewn by hand by the studio masters. Therefore, you can be assured of quality tailoring and an ideal fit for the sizes. Thanks to the handmade dress, it is ideal to sit on a figure, without wrinkles and other things that can ruin the wedding image.


26182 kotapska

Wedding Fashion Moscow 2018


Wedding Fashion Moscow 2018

Wedding Fashion Moscow 2018

Annually in Moscow organizes an exhibition of wedding dresses and accessories Wedding Fashion Moscow. And 2018 will not be an exception. For 15 years of existence, the exhibition from the All-Russian has evolved into an event of world significance. Here arrive to show their best outfits not only Russian brands of wedding fashion, but also manufacturers from Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, the United States, Europe. In one word, the exhibition attracts a lot of attention, both ordinary buyers and shop owners. But this event is most significant for wholesale buyers.

Few words about the history of the exhibition

Wedding Fashion Moscow is held every spring for 15 years. At first this exhibition was held only for Russian manufacturers who could present their novelties. Then the exhibition became an opportunity to show their own fashion for young talented designers. Now it is an opportunity for wholesale buyers to buy wedding dresses in bulk from the manufacturer, find new suppliers and conclude profitable contracts.


What you can see at the exhibition

Exhibition Wedding Fashion Moscow is held on the territory of EYNE (Exhibition Yard of the National Economy) in Moscow. The time is from 1 to 3 March inclusive. Within three days bridal and evening fashion brands will present their new clothes and collections. Therefore, the wholesale customers will have the opportunity to be the first  who will see this year’s trendy news.

What you can see at the exhibition

Wedding Fashion Moscow 2018 completely covers the wedding theme. Dozens of companies from all over the world will present here their new collections and ideas in the following categories:

  • Wedding and evening dresses.
  • Suit for the groom.
  • Children’s wedding fashion.
  • Accessories.
  • Wedding shoes.
  • Wedding goods.

The wholesale buyer will not only be able to buy designer wedding dresses in bulk from the manufacturer, but also immediately pick up all the necessary accessories, textiles, shoes. In one word, if you are the owner of a chain of shops, then on this exhibition you can, without spending a lot of time, find and order everything necessary for your salons.

Unique opportunities at the exhibition

Wedding Fashion Moscow is an opportunity to see not only novelties, but also limited series of wedding dresses. This year Iryna Kotapska brand will present its unique limited line of wedding dresses here. After three days of the exhibition, this collection will be shown at three more important exhibitions in America, Spain and Germany.

Wholesale buyers can buy outfits from the limited edition only in bulk. Therefore, wholesale buyers have the opportunity to be the first who will present luxurious outfits for brides handmade in their salons and wedding fashion stores. Be sure, no one future bride cannot pass by the novelty of the design studio.

Wedding Fashion Moscow 2018

Dynamics and unique style in the brand Iryna Kotapska

The brand Iryna Kotapska is one of the young producers. But for a short period of time this brand has already managed to interest wholesale buyers. Iryna Kotapska’s outfits belong to the luxury category, because they are all sewn by the masters of the design studio by hand and only from the best materials.

Each dress from designer Iryna Kotapska is:

  • Quality natural fabrics from proven manufacturers.
  • A unique design idea.
  • Ideal cut and “landing” on the figure.
  • Exclusively manual work.
  • Comfort for the bride.

For the production of each model are used quality fabrics, French lace and English tulle, strong Japanese fittings. The corsets and other dress elements are hand-embroidered by the best Czech beads in the world. As a result of such painstaking work, you get really royal dresses that can decorate the storefront in your store. At the exhibition it will be possible to buy wedding dresses wholesale in Moscow.


What is unique about the new collection?

The brand Iryna Kotapska attracts attention, first of all by its versatility. In collections of wedding dresses, you can choose an outfit for any taste and any style. The new limited edition is a new look of the designer to the wedding attire, new facets of the natural beauty of the bride, the possibility of bright self-expression. At this moment, you can buy the collection only in bulk.

Wholesale buyers have a unique opportunity to see and order dresses from a limited collection that will be exclusively displayed in New York, Barcelona ​​and Dusseldorf. At other less significant exhibitions this collection will not be shown. Therefore, you should take the opportunity and buy an exclusive wedding dress in bulk on the exhibition Wedding Fashion Moscow.

Wedding Fashion Moscow 2018

In general, outfits from a limited series attract attention with such nuances:

  • Very feminine natural silhouettes.
  • Lightness and grace of each outfit.
  • A subtle sense of style and elegant design.
  • Perfect fit on the figure. This is achieved thanks to manual work and specially designed patterns of non-standard type, due to which the dress looks like a second skin, there are no wrinkles and other nuances that can ruin the luxurious image of the bride.
  • The thin, almost weightless tulle on the corset makes the dress style both restrained and flirty.
  • Corsets and some elements of the dress are embroidered with beads and Swarovski crystals.

But the main accent in the limited series is made on a luxurious image that will be “to the face” to any girl. You can buy a wedding dress online only from the already presented collections, a limited series designed especially for boutiques and large salons in Germany, Spain, the USA and Russia.

Visiting the exhibition, you can buy wedding dresses in Moscow inexpensively in bulk and discus the wholesale shipments directly with a company representative. This is very convenient, because you can immediately evaluate the quality of tailoring and the quality of materials, order only interesting models or a whole collection, discuss beneficial terms of cooperation.

The company Iryna Kotapska is interesting to wholesale buyers also because it always compromises and seeks mutually beneficial ways of wholesale supplies and partnership as a whole.

Why the collection is only available to wholesale buyers

This series is designed as a unique opportunity to show the brides what a stylish wedding dress can be. The limited number of copies makes this collection exclusive, it will be relevant only this year. In the new season, the design studio will be able to demonstrate its new ideas and solutions in creating a fashionable wedding image.

Buying dresses in bulk, wholesale buyers will be able to save money and offer their customers really unique outfits, confidently claiming that «This is exclusive! » You can also agree on the wholesale supply of some specific models from the collection in the future.

In conclusion, we can say that Wedding Fashion Moscow 2018 is now most interesting to wholesale buyers. Every year brides become more demanding when choosing the wedding dress.  Only 10% of girls choose classic models of modest cut. The overwhelming majority wants to purchase an exclusive outfit, which would be able to convey the character and create a trendy image, as well as to surprise the guests of the celebration.

Therefore, at the exhibition you can see all the novelties of famous and only beginning their history brands, choose the most interesting models and purchase them at profitable wholesale prices directly from the manufacturer.

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