Megan Marquelle Bride Wedding Dress Photo

Wedding dress for princess

Wedding dress for princess

Any bride is the central figure at the wedding. All are interested in the style and color of the dress, accessories, wedding bouquet and the bride’s hairstyle. But of course, most of all the attention is attracted to the dress itself. To choose a beautiful dress for the wedding is an important matter, but to become a real princess at your wedding is a task that not every girl can cope with.

Want to be fashionable and stylish at the wedding, pick out an outfit worthy of the queen? Then it is worth knowing what kind of dresses the “blue blood” persons marry. In our parade of the brightest and most luxurious wedding images, we’ll talk about this, and you’ll be able to understand how to become a princess for your prince!

Wedding dress for princess
The wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle

Megan Marquelle Bride Wedding Dress Photo
Megan Marquelle Bride Wedding Dress Photo

The bride looked at the wedding simply charming! She chose a simple and very delicate dress with long sleeves and a small neckline. The upper part of the dress was made of thin lace, and the skirt was made of dense opaque fabric. The future princess was very pretty in a modest princess silhouette dress

bridal dress for princess
The wedding of Prince Carl Philipp and Sofia Hellkvist (Switzerland)

This wedding struck with its luxury and royal chic. Although the bride chose for this event a classic dress with a rather small neckline and a long sleeve. The feature of the outfit was a long luxurious train, which gave the image the very royal luxury.

brides dress for princess
Prince Albert II and Charlene Wittstock (Monaco)

This wedding was celebrated for three days, which cost to the Prince $ 70 million. Despite all this luxury, the bride’s dress was rather modest – it was made of a dense fabric with short lowered straps and lace embroidery. This is another vivid example of the fact that a wedding dress does not have to be pathos and frankly expensive. The main thing is to have a good sense of style!

brides dress for princess
Wedding of Stephanie de Lannoy and Prince Guillaume (Luxembourg)

Despite the restraint of the ceremony, the bride shone in her incredibly elegant and stylish wedding dress. The outfit of beige color with lace top was embroidered with openwork patterns. A special feature of the outfit was a completely closed neckline and a ¾ sleeve. The waistline was emphasized by the belt.

What will be the wedding dress for princesses this year?

Designers offer a lot of original solutions of bridesmaid dresses, including a high neck and sleep dresses. It is worth to know all the fashion trends of this season if you want to pick up the perfect dress.

The color is on trend – pink and gold

Finally, fans of all the unusual got the opportunity to get married not in a classic white dress, but in a combination of pink and gold shades. A great solution to make your image more vivid. In this case, the style of the dress does not matter it can be an A-line dress, with a large neckline or tight fitting.

Helter neckline

It is not necessary to choose an outfit with a large neckline, this season you can go under the crown in a dress with a high neck. This decision will emphasize your beautiful shoulders and bust line, at the same time attracts more attention to the face.

Flowing slip dresses

Another solution from the American wedding dress designers, through which you can go under the crown in an unusual dress. Such a model of a bridal dress will emphasize all the merits of the figure. The complement may be the applique on the bodice and sleeves boho

The style of the dress will also please with variety. This year, you can buy in the wedding bridal shops the silhouettes of the princess, as well as A-silhouette, tight-fitting, straight models,  are in fashion. If you want royal luxury, choose one of the gorgeous dresses with a lush skirt and tight corset.

Where can you buy a fashion dress?

Having become acquainted with the wedding fashion, wedding branding, and styles of royal dresses, many girls simply do not know where to find and order such couture gowns at a reasonable cost. A great solution will be collections of young fashion designers. For example Iryna Kotapska. Several advantages of this fashion house:

  • All wedding apparel are handmade by the studio masters.
  • The best materials are used – thin tulle, lace, Swarovski crystals and Preciosa beads.
  • Each outfit combines classical femininity and modern trend solutions.
  • Comfort is not in the last place, so you will feel comfortable in the wedding dress all day.
  • Affordable bridesmaid dresses for advantageous cost

All collections of the gown bridesmaid dresses can be viewed on the bridal websites or seen “on real” at the world’s most fashionable exhibitions. The convenient way is to order dresses online. The site presents the entire range of the brand, you can also see the models at a lower cost. For wholesale buyers, there are always good discounts and promotional offers.

A few bright new models from Iryna Kotapska

The designer, above all, seeks to make the outfit incredibly feminine and romantic. Therefore, any model will turn you into a princess at your own wedding. Below you can see some particularly relevant in this season model of wedding dresses.

A really summer and light outfit, fresh as a summer breeze on the seaside. A thin chiffon skirt with a large cut is successfully combined with a translucent top. The bodice is liberally embroidered with beads. The back is also decorated with embroidery with large elements. Such a dress will emphasize all the dignity of the figure, while the bride can feel comfortable and free in it. Straight silhouette dress.

Laconic, but at the same time very elegant dress combines white and powder colors. The A-line dress fits girls with any shapes. Beaded corset with a beautifully designed back perfectly fits with a skirt that smoothly turns into a train. Notice that many royal brides chose long-tailored dresses.

wedding bridal princess

This model of a wedding dress is very similar to one of those that princesses choose for a wedding ceremony – a long sleeve, openwork top and a long skirt, a straight neckline. Therefore, in this outfit, you will be very close to the image of a real princess by the standards of monarchs.


Wedding Youth Trends 2019

Wedding Youth Trends

Wedding Youth Trends

Choosing a wedding dress, many brides want to look not only beautiful but also fashionable in this season. Fashion is very volatile, but still, you can follow some of the wedding trends this year. Then your wedding dress will surprise your guests not only with its luxury but also with style. So, here is a small hit-parade of the most fashionable wedding “stuffs” this year, which can be found in the catalogs of not only well-known and well-advertised brands, but also young talented designers, and at reasonable prices.

Wedding Youth Trends 2018

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Number 1. Cape and pelerine

In this season, all kinds of capes and pelerines from different fabrics are fashionable – lace, tulle, also denser chiffon or satin. A beautiful, fashionable cape can be worn over the wedding dress; it can be very short or just to the floor. This supplement will perfectly match with wedding dresses with open shoulders. This season, very fashionable also became bustier dresses, with which such capes and pelerines will be combined just superb.

Number 2. Lace fantasies

Lace is back in fashion again. But this time from it can be seen a whole wedding dress. And it does not matter what style it is, with a long sleeve or short, with an open back or completely closed, long or short. Designers offer a variety of models – only from dense lace, and with a lower contrast lining. Under such lacy splendor, you can pick up the same lace gloves and lace-lined veil. But do not overload your image with intricate patterns and ornaments. You can dilute the lace with lacquered shoes and a small handbag.

Number 3. Simplicity of shape

Designers offer this season marriage dress for bride of a very simple cut. It can be a simple corset without embroidery and a long straight skirt. But such a dress can be perfectly complemented with a delicate cape, beautiful jewelry, original accessories, and a veil of any length. This minimalism surely will appeal to girls with an exquisite and refined taste, who wants to look at their wedding, not pathos, but very feminine and laconic.

Number 4. Light feathers

What else can designers surprise us this year? And there is something to amaze. This year’s trends are feathers. With it can be decorated just a whole skirt or a belt, they can become a beautiful frame for the neckline on the corset of the wedding dress or a beautiful edging for the veil. Even accessories are decorated with feathers.

Number 5. Flowers

Small neat roses and lilies can often be seen on wedding dresses of brides from different eras. But this season the designers decided to do everything to the maximum. Corsets and skirts are decorated with floral applications, print, and embroidery. The wedding dress can be decorated with flowers only lightly or embroidered completely. There are not too much flowers in this season! And everything is fashionable – from simple decorative elements to large and voluminous applications that can decorate a corset, straps, belt of a skirt.

Number 6. Rustic and Boho

Connoisseurs of elegant simplicity will surely appreciate the ideas of designers this season – wedding dresses of simple straight cut, lavishly decorated with embroidery, fringe, ribbons, crystals, lace inserts. Such magnificence is simply impossible not to notice, the simple cut turns into a real masterpiece. An interesting detail is that such luxurious attire is suitable just with make-up in natural colors, simple styling, ornaments from real flowers. The image can be completed with a small tiara and a long simple veil.

Number 7. Pearls and accessories

Wedding Youth Trends 2018

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Fashion brings us back to the beginning of the last century because pearls are again relevant. A wedding dress and accessories can be embroidered with pearls. You can just put on pearl beads, bracelet, earrings, brooch. Small pearls can decorate the wedding dress itself, for example, a corset or a skirt. If you do not like pearls, and you think it is a little old-fashioned, there is another option for you – a neat choker embroidered with beads. Also, designers advise not to forget about accessories, the most relevant in this season are the hat and gloves. You can be at the wedding ceremony in a veil, and then change it to a beautiful elegant hat and gloves in a tone. Thus, you will get two wedding images at once.

Where to buy a dress, as on the cover of a fashion magazine?

Do you think where to buy wedding gowns and that the fashionable high street wedding dresses, that are shown on the catwalks and in the magazines for the brides are unattainable height for you? In this case, you should look in the catalogs and collections of young talented designers who will also present their collections this year. Iryna Kotapska’s design studio offers a wide range of wedding and cocktail dresses that combine classic silhouettes and modern fashion trends. Here you can find a fashionable embroidery, pearls, laces, simple silhouettes.

Wedding Youth Trends 2018

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Each dress of designer Iryna Kotapska is a real masterpiece! The designer tries to offer wedding outfits, not similar one to another not in style, or decor. The business card of the brand became handmade embroidery. In the collections you can find simple classic dresses with an openwork top or more luxurious models, embroidered with Swarovski crystals, beads and paillettes, and also decorated with fringe, which is also fashionable this season. The peculiarity of each outfit is that it is not necessary to select accessories for it.

Annually the brand takes part in all fashionable and significant exhibitions around the world, where new collections are presented. If you do not have the opportunity to visit one of the exhibitions, you can see all the novelties and the range of the fashion house in the affordable wedding dress websites. Internet shopping is also very convenient, in the catalog you can choose the color and size, as well as look at all existing models.

The main trend of this year

The main trend of this season is naturalness. You can choose an outfit of any complexity, style, design, and cut. But it is worth remembering that make-up should be as natural as possible and emphasize natural beauty. The same can be said about hairstyles. It is not necessary to make three-tier hairstyle and decorate it with pearl threads. Accurate simple hairstyle, waves, braids – that’s what you need to create an ideal, but fashionable image.


wedding photo shoot in the summer

Ideas for a wedding photo shoot in the summer

Ideas for a wedding photo shoot in the summer

Summer is always a short story, full of vivid memories and events. Therefore, if you decided to arrange a wedding in one of the three summer months, ideas, where and how you can hold a wedding photo session, more than enough. But at the same time, you need to choose a place where you can freely take pictures, both together with the groom, and with the guests. Also, it should not be too unusual or extreme place. It is worth remembering that you have a luxurious wedding dress, in which you will have to go to the restaurant and spend the whole evening. Consider several different places, where you can hold a photo session in the warm season.

wedding photo shoot in the summer

If you have a beautiful, well-groomed forest or a lake, a river, or perhaps a mountain near you, the best solution is to go there. An experienced photographer will choose the most beautiful and original camera angles, so the most usual and familiar place can turn into a real masterpiece of photo art.

In addition, a walk through the picturesque places is very reassuring and will calm the brides on the day of the wedding. Therefore, in some ways, it is the opportunity to relax a bit, posing and smiling in front of the camera lens. Also in the open air, you can arrange a very funny and memorable photo session, in which all guests can take part.

If there is a sea nearby

Nothing can be more luxurious than a bride in a snow-white dress on the shore of a blue sparkling sea on a sunny summer day. You do not need to invent anything; the imagination of your photographer will tell you the best angles for a session! A good solution is to find some nice terrace or bridge, and maybe a dock with yachts. This will add a photo shoot a bit of romanticism and adventure.

Photoshoot in the city

Where can you go to arrange a bright photo shoot, if you live in a huge city? There are plenty of such places in the big city. There are always options for photo shoots in good and bad weather. If the weather is sunny, go to the park, to an open art exhibition, to the fountains. If the rain drizzles on the street, you can safely go to the museum. But not just the one where the technique or books are shown. And in the one where there are beautiful paintings, antiques, vases, fresh flowers. Believe us, such a photo session will be very unusual. Pose at the beautiful handicraft exhibits, walk through the spacious and majestic halls. In a word, find interesting perspectives and diversify the usual photo session with interesting pictures.

Individual photo shoot

This type of photo session is also very beautiful. The photographer must bring the inventory with him or you go to a certain place. Next, the stylist and photographer prepare you for the photo session. It can be pictured in a beautiful openwork alcove, on a swing, weaved by flowers, with animals, in a very expensive car. In a word, such a photo session should be very beautiful, luxurious and look expensive. Usually, it is conducted without guests.

Accessories that will help diversify the wedding photo session

Who said that in the photos there should be a bride only with a bouquet in hands? In fact, there are a lot of ideas how to make a photo session brighter and more interesting. And the main role in this plays simple at first glance things and accessories. Below are the most popular of them, which any bride can take with her to the shooting.


It’s not about the usual umbrella from the rain, but about those umbrellas that must protect from the sun. They are made of fabric and are often decorated with frills, ruffles, lace. Such an openwork umbrella will become an elegant detail that can dignifiedly complement the image of a romantic and gentle bride.

Beautiful handbag

Not every bride wants to carry, even a small clutch throughout the day. Therefore, the perfect solution will be to take the lace small handbag only for a couple of hours for a photo session and then leave your hands free for hugs and bouquets.


Lovely and slightly childish balloons will make your pictures vivid and different from others. Quite enough five bright balloons that will ьфлу a festive atmosphere and surely will raise the mood not only to you but to all those around you.

The second dress for a photoshoot

Recently, some brides get several wedding dresses for their wedding. Usually one of the wedding wear is very beautiful, and the second one is very convenient. For photo shoots, you can pick up a refined and elegant dress that will emphasize all the dignities of the figure and your femininity. Very beautiful in the pictures look the outfits of a silhouette mermaid. This attire tightly fits the figure, making it visually slimmer and more elegant.

By the way, a wedding dress for a successful photo shoot is of great importance. It should not only look good in the pictures but also be very expressive, with beautifully drawn elements of decor and others. Find a dress that meets all of the above requirements is not as easy as it seems. In search of an ideal outfit, look in the catalog and collections of young designers of. wedding couture.

Novelties with their character

Fashionable and talented designer Iryna Kotapska offers several collections of exquisite outfits that combine classic simplicity and royal chic. In the collections there are models for every taste, different cuts, and styles:

  • Dress of the silhouette princess. A lush long skirt makes the image more fragile, and a corset with embroidery, crystals or sequins will bring a touch of luxury.
  • Silhouette of a mermaid for those who are not afraid to show the dignities of the figure. This style will create an elegant, but at the same time, a luxurious and expensive image that can be supplemented with any accessories. Especially elegant looks this silhouette in lacy performance.
  • A-silhouette dress for connoisseurs of laconicism and harmonious simplicity. Such an outfit will suit girls with any complexion.

Luxury lace, exquisite embroidery, perfect lines and aesthetics of every outfit will make any photo shoot successful. It is interesting that designer clothes from Iryna Kotapska absolutely do not need jewelry and accessories, because they are beautiful in themselves. Any fashion designer’s dress can be viewed and ordered in the wedding dress online shop. Attires of Iryna Kotapska can also be bought in fashionable wedding gown boutique at favorable prices. The brand can be classified as quite popular because every year the fashion house takes part in all famous exhibitions around the world.


Tips for choosing a wedding dress

How to choose your dream wedding dress

How to choose your dream wedding dress

Wedding fashion

Chastity and femininity are the first associations that arise when mentioning a wedding dress. But do all dresses correspond to the above-mentioned associations? Of course not. The fact is that wedding dresses should not only match the latest fashion trends, but also sit perfectly on the figure, and at this stage there may be some problems. Even after trying a few examples in different salons sometimes it may be difficult to find the ideal model. To avoid difficulties in choosing the most important dress in your life you need to carefully select the wedding salon. Range of salon should amaze the bride’s imagination, and the competence of employees should minimize the time costs when choosing a wedding dress.

dream wedding dress

The main moments to pay attention on

Classic dresses with a lush skirt or modern short models, dresses of crystal white color or models in cream shades – this is only a small part of the nuances of the wedding dress with which the bride will have to decide. To make the best choice our professional advisers will help you to determine the type of your figure and will advise the most advantageous dress model. Thanks to the spacious fitting rooms, the bride has the opportunity in a comfortable environment to evaluate several types of attire. Trying on a wedding dress is a difficult and slow process, and in order to shorten it, it is worthwhile to decide in advance what models you like and want to compare.

Wedding fashion

Wedding dress according to the figure type

The wedding dress should ideally sit on the bride so that she not only felt like a queen, but she looked the same. Matched according to the type of figure, the wedding dress will emphasize the dignity of the figure and mask its shortcomings. To brides with short stature will ideally suit dresses in Empire style with the high waist line will, as such silhouette visually increases the height. The V-shaped neckline of the dress visually makes the breast bigger, and the waist thinner. In addition, a dress with such neckline will make your shoulders slimmer. If you want to visually increase the breast you should choose dress with a cut-out drape “swing” and “waterfall”, as well as with other draperies along the neckline and bodice cut (jabot, lace trim, etc.).

8 Tips for choosing a wedding dress

Tip #1: Start your search in advance. If you want o the wedding shopping bring you only positive emotions, you should not do it in a hurry. You wear a wedding dress just once, so pay special attention to it.

Tip #2: Decide with the place, time and style of the wedding. The dress should correspond to the overall concept of celebration. If the ceremony takes place in the forest, it is unlikely that you will feel comfortable in a lush dress. Also from the time of the year the material of the attire will depend.

Tip #3: The bride’s dress must necessarily be combined with the groom’s outfit. You should be a harmonious pair not only in life, but also in the photographer’s lens on such an important day.

Tip #4: Do not take your whole family with to the wedding salon. Mom, sister or best friend will be enough. Otherwise, you will have to listen to the opinions of everyone and choose a dress according to their advice, and not on your own taste.

Tip #5: Mannequins in the windows of boutiques and on the cover of wedding magazines are so full of perfection, right? But do not forget about Photoshop, the work of professional stylists and proper marketing. When choosing a wedding dress, consider the features of your figure, skin color and height.

Tip #6: Do not be afraid to go out of the frame and experiment! This is fine, if you know in advance what style of dresses suit you. But try to look around and try on something unexpected for yourself. Perhaps, love at first sight will not be the way you imagined.

Tip #7: Pay attention to the details and laconism of your image. The abundance of ornaments can be complemented by a modest and simple dress, while too lush and textured dress with a lot of accessories will make of you look like a Christmas tree. Minimalism is the key to success!

Tip #8: Trust the consultants. Every day they are trying on brides with different types of figures, so they can unmistakably guess which style of dress suit you. Perhaps, the dress, which at first you did not like, will pleasantly surprise you.

Wedding dress according

How to choose wedding shoes?

If choosing of the wedding dress is only a half of the task, the other half is to correctly choose bride wedding shoes. Shoes in the image of the bride play a very important role, because they must not only harmonize with the image, but also allow her to feel comfortable during all day. Naturally, no one will forbid the bride to wear high heel shoes under her outfit, but it is better to provide an alternative version of footwear just in case. For example, during walks around the city, a bride can change her shoes into something more comfortable.

In addition to this wedding shoes should be combined with a color of dress, its style and fabric. If you chose a dress, made of matte fabric, you should choose shoes that are finished with crepe. If there is lace in your wedding dress, then the same detail should be on your wedding shoes. Satin dress, respectively, will look perfectly with shoes, finished with the same material.

Where to buy?

The wedding dress should fit into the overall concept of the holiday and harmonize with the groom’s outfit, bouquet and other accessories. With the help of our experts, you will choose your best dress among the most charming wedding dresses available nowadays! Following modern fashionable wedding trends and not forgetting about traditions, we select only the best models for transforming princesses into queens. We offer bride wedding dress wholesale with the wide range of the newest models with modern accessories and made of the modern fabrics. In our salon you will find wedding shoes and dress for every taste: trendy or classic, rich or simple and exquisite. All models available on our modern bride magazine official website you can always see in our salon and try on. Each week the range is updated. In the catalog on our site there are many models of wedding dresses that you can consider in detail without leaving your home. Our salon presents wedding dresses from the best manufacturers!


chikago grayscale

Story of one Chicago wedding dress.

Wedding. Dream or nightmare? Story of one Chicago wedding dress

Most of people (if not everyone) smile happily when heard the word “wedding”. We all used to think that wedding day is the happiest day of everyone’s life. But here we should emphasize the phrase “wedding day”, because all period BEFORE wedding more looks like nightmare than simple and relaxing preparing to this magic day. Until I faced with all these pre-wedding preparations I also thought that there is nothing difficult and especially nervous in it, but it was like a “pink glasses” that disappeared immediately. I don’t want to say that it is bad, I have never thought this way, for me wedding is the same magic and unforgettable day as for most of you, the one thing that I want you to know is that it’s not so simple as it seems from the first view. The first and the most important problem for me while preparing to wedding was wedding dress. It was the whole story about which I want to tell you in this article.

Wedding dresses. Simple choice?

Let’s start from the very beginning. I thought that it will never be a problem to choose a wedding dress, because nowadays you can find a lot of wedding salons and online stores that offer a lot of wedding dresses models for purchasing. But of course it wasn’t so simple as I thought. When start choosing it becomes obvious that a lot of wedding dresses are similar in many shops. And moreover the quality of many dresses offered by the modern providers is not as high as I want it to be, while the dresses’ price is unreasonably high. The day of wedding is one of the most beautiful days in our life, so it’s obvious that each bride wants to look best in this day and of course wear the most wonderful and unique dress that will amaze everyone and especially fiancé with its beauty and luxury. Of course I wasn’t an exception and limited choice of available dresses didn’t impress me at all. I decided not to spoil my wedding day with the Chinese-quality dress from the first shop that I found and decided on the most unexpected and spontaneous trip in my life. I went to Chicago.

Chicago wedding dresses. What’s so special?

Once I read a lot reviews from brides all over the world about the wedding dresses in Chicago. Many of them recommended the one shop with wedding dresses on sale in Chicago. And after all my unsuccessful searches guess what I decided to do? Yes, I went there and decided that I will have the best Chicago style wedding anyone can imagine. So, what I was looking for? I had the precise characteristics, or rather list with characteristics that I want my future wedding dress to have. I want it to be unique, stylish, luxurious and at the same time with affordable price tag, with the highest quality of all materials used for it and its accessories, and I want it to be …special. For me wedding dress is not a simple white dress. With all its beauty and luxury wedding dress for me is like the beginning of the new stage in my life, it is the beginning of sincere and pure love and fidelity, it helps to express feelings that can’t be said with words. You will say that I want too much, but I find it! The one and only wedding dress, which completely satisfied all my requirements. There were several things that impressed me a lot in this Chicago wedding salon. First of all – wide choice. When you enter the wedding salon the first time in your life you stunned with all this white beauty and think that there are a lot beautiful and worth your attention models but when you calm down and start to choose among them, you understand that first- there are not so many options available and second- almost none of them are beautiful enough. Unlike many shops with limited choice of available wedding dresses that I visited before, this wedding salon has pleasantly impressed me with its wide choice and a lot of qualitative options made from the topnotch fabrics, which I almost immediately decided to try on. These dresses go far ahead from the other options offered today with their quality. Everything starting from the lace and finishing with the smallest bead on the clasp of the dress can boast of the first-class quality. It was the first thing that conquered my heart and made me fall in love with these wedding dresses. The next thing was the quality of these dresses tailoring. When hold this wedding dress in hands you understand that you can move in it however you want and dance in it as actively as you want, it will never tear in the most inappropriate moment of your wedding. One more thing that has also astonished me was the style of these dresses. When I came I thought that I am sure which type of wedding dress I want to buy, but when I saw this choice, all my plans were broken. There were so much wonderful options in different styles and with modern unique designs that it seemed like it’s impossible to choose only one. I can say with confidence that here any bride can find the wedding dress she like thanks to the great variety of luxurious options. Finally I found it…The wedding dress that was created specially for me. It was so ideal that I decided to buy it no matter how much it costs, but the price of this dress surprised me with its affordability especially when compare it with the high quality of this dress. As I said before, the wedding dress for me is much more than just a simple dress, so I want to say that this one was the real choice prompted by heart. This was the dress created for me and I was the bride created for it.

Happy end of my Chicago story

To finish this story with happy end I want to say that this dress was one of the major reasons why my Chicago style wedding was amazing and unforgettable and I looked like a real princess from the fairy tale. All my friends asked me where I found this fabulous dress and told me that it’s unreal. I have never regretted about this purchasing and will remember this spontaneous trip during all my life.

The ideal wedding with the beloved fiancé and wonderful luxurious dress is the dream of each girl on Earth. I wish all brides to be as happy as I was and highly recommend them this shop with wedding dresses on sale in Chicago. You worth this beauty as no one else! 


Wedding Salon Business Plan

Wedding Salon Business Plan. All tips how to open from scratch

      Wedding day is considered to be one of the happiest days in the life of each girl. When you look at the happy beautiful bride in the luxurious dress and all around you are smiling you think that it is so simple and wonderful to marry. But…Actually prior to the celebrating this ideal day anyone can’t imagine how hard it is to prepare everything and how many problems occur on the way to the “ideal day of the wedding”. The first and probably the biggest problem is the wedding dress. It is hard to decide which design and which color of the wedding dress you want, which size you need and which price can afford. The other half of this problem is the permanent question “where to buy it?” Today in the Internet age you are able to find a great variety of the websites and bridal wholesaler distributors that offer a lot of various wedding dresses for purchasing. It sounds perfect but due to the big rivalry between sellers some of them try to attract buyers with the lowest prices by selling the Chinese-quality dresses that are made of the very doubtful materials and quality of their tailoring is poor. Each girl wants to be a beautiful princess in her wedding day and don’t have any problems. Especially problems with wedding dress. This article is devoted for people who want to save brides from the China-made wedding dresses by selling own high-quality dresses for wedding  in the wedding salon. But where to start from? We are going to start from the very beginning and give you some useful tips about how create your own prosperous wedding salon from scratch.

     In order to explain our readers all useful information as simple as its possible we created a plan where all major steps are collected. By analyzing each of these steps at the end you will have a real plan of all your actions that are necessary for creation of the successful prosperous wedding salon.

Step #1: Where to start from? This step may sounds too generally but at the beginning of creation your wedding salon it is very important to analyze the current situation on the world market of wedding dresses, evaluate all the pros and cons of existing wedding gown wholesalers and think about how you can improve existing disadvantages and what’s new and unique you can add.

Wedding Salon Business Plan

Step #2: How to find the most suitable premises? The second very important thing is to choose a room and correctly place the available dresses and costumes in it. Wedding dresses are very large in size, especially the bride’s dresses and the main aim of any seller is to show the client as much as possible of the available assortment of the store. You need to hang everything in the right way to make it visible to the client. After taking care of the fact that all the goods are hung up properly (everything is visible, nothing has escaped the eye) it remains to come up with a dress fitting area. This zone should be very spacious, with a large mirror, without causing any discomfort to the client. You need to make sure that the client is able to try on easily and comfortably everything that he liked. Ideally, the room should be about 50 square meters. The salon itself also needs to be organized in a crowded and visited place, such as in a shopping center. It is always better to work in shopping centers, because there is always a large flow of customers there. Wedding salon should attract the attention of visitors wherever it is situated, so its external design also plays a big role.

Wedding Salon Business Plan

Step #3: Range of salon. If you want to attract a lot of buyers in your salon you need to offer a wide range of products that will differ from presented by competitors options, both in appearance and quality of the material. When creating your business it is important to remember that the quantity does not really matter, the main thing is to choose wedding dresses with the high-quality of materials used and unique design. When choosing wedding dresses and accessories the newest fashion trends, of course, are worth your attention, but you still need to consider that the fashion novelties which are actively advertised nowadays most probably are already used in other wedding salons. Therefore, if you want to surprise customers with something new, try to choose the unique and interesting models that differ from other ones.

Step #4: The first purchase of dresses. When making the first purchase of wedding dresses it’s extremely important to find a good provider. The main thing here is to clearly distinguish “made-in-China” wedding dresses (we hope the level of quality of these dresses is obvious) from other high-quality options. We recommend you to pay your attention on the dresses for brides wholesale from Ukraine. Purchasing European dresses made in Ukraine you will not only get the proven high quality but also will be pleasantly surprised with the price. Options created in Ukraine can boast of much better quality in comparison with other wedding dresses, while the price tag will be lower. Nowadays three best providers in Ukraine are:

Step #5: Own production. The availability of own production of wedding dresses in your salon is the guaranteed way to success. It means that the bride will be able to choose the dress among unique hand-made options with the highest quality of the fabrics and accessories used.

Wedding Salon Business Plan

Step #6: Staff. The main thing while choosing the staff for your salon is to choose people who not only love this work and can respect the client, but also well versed in fashion and can answer all questions about style, sewing and materials used for wedding dresses.

Wedding Salon Business Plan
Wedding Salon Business Plan

Step #6: Income and expenses. Money issues are one of the most important moments while creating your own business. It is necessary to decide in which room the wedding salon will be located. If you rent a finished building, then the costs will be slightly reduced. If you plan to open the salon in its own premises, the costs will be larger. Everything will also depend on the location, in a small town costs are comparably low while in a large megalopolis they will be much higher. The one thing you should remember is that if you will do everything right and carefully think through all the important points, your income will significantly exceed costs in the shortest period of time.