How to choose a quality dress

How to choose a quality dress

Looking at the elegant dresses for a wedding in the shop window or on the site, we usually see a beautiful picture. We like the dress, and we decide to buy it exactly here, completely forgetting about the quality and comfort. But these two criteria clearly manifest themselves on the day of the wedding, when the wedding attire is wrinkling and does not want to “sit” on the figure. Therefore, when choosing a wedding dress, you do not need to immediately believe in a beautiful picture; check the quality of materials and sewing. How to do it correctly, read on.

Where to buy – in the salon or in the online store?

In fact, a dress of good quality can be bought in the salon or on the site, where the works of designers are presented. Both of these options have their advantages. For example, if you decide to purchase a dress on the Internet, you can just go to the designer’s website and pick up the silhouette and model. Usually, a brand dress is made of quality materials and very neat because fashion houses always care about their image. They do not make sense to sell you a poor-quality wedding bridesmaid dresses, in which your guests will see you. But the purchase in the salon gives you the opportunity to touch and try on a dress. You will immediately be able to determine the quality of the fabric and tailoring, as well as to find out whether this style suits you or not. But in the showroom, there are often not so many models as in virtual stores, and at the cost, the model you like may not always be available. It’s up to you to decide where to buy. But regardless of whether you order a dress via the Internet or go for it to the salon, there are a few simple ways to determine whether a quality item is in front of you or not.

dress for the bride in tight
Dress for the bride corset

Method one: Fabric

Petite wedding dresses are usually made not from the usual tissues. To perform the outfit of the desired shape, usually, hard materials are used that hold the shape well and it is easier to apply embroidery or decorations on them. So if in the photo you saw a wide skirt with beautiful large folds, prepare for the fact that it is made of very dense fabric.

Quality materials pass air well. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to try on an outfit, you should not be hot in it, and the fabrics should be pleasant to the touch and not cause discomfort. If the lining and the dress itself rustles noticeably, then most likely you have a low-quality Chinese version made of synthetic materials. Natural fabrics practically do not make any sounds when wearing.

Method two: Corset

60% of brides prefer dresses with a corset. But in fact, it turns out that it was a huge mistake – the corset wrinkles and makes ugly folds at the waist. Actually, it’s not the corset’s blame, but the way it was done. A good corset should have a lot of vertical bones, and on the stomach should be located three of them. They must also fix the sides and back. Only, in this case, wearing a dress, you really get the perfect waist and bust shape. Bones are also important because they need to support the breast. There have been cases that those few bones that were sewn into the corset, simply broke under the weight of the bust. In this case, the corset begins to wrinkle and slide down, and the overall impression of your wedding image goes from the mark of 10 to the mark of 0.

Method three: Quality of tailoring

Exactly inaccurate tailoring clearly shows the face or Chinese analog. A well-sewn dress should not have crooked seams and protruding threads. Ideally, all internal seams and cuts should be additionally closed with fabric to avoid rubbing the skin. At external inspection, there should not be protruding threads even at the end of the seam or stitch, no knots, uneven stitch or anything else. Designer dresses are usually sewn by hand. And the brand is responsible for every model. Therefore, it makes sense to choose a wedding dress immediately on the site of a wedding gown designs. Or go to the salon with only good reviews and see which brands are represented there.

Method Four: Fittings and decor

Loose rhinestones or sprinkled sequins, badly glued crystals and bursting strands of beads – all this can be seen on many photos that the brides are showing after the wedding in social networks. Here you have a purchase from Chinese sites! Yes, maybe it’s cheaper there, but is more importantly – save money or look at all 100% in the wedding dress? A good brand always uses high-quality fittings, and all decorative elements are sewn by hand. It is the manual work that can guarantee the quality of the finished product. In addition, for sewing a wedding dress like on a picture, you need to use beads of the same size and quality crystals, otherwise on real will be seen that the dress is simply embroidered with glass and low-grade beads.

Method Five: Comfort

The dress should be very comfortable. It should not anywhere hurt the skin or vice versa, be too free. To determine exactly is the dress comfortable or not, you need to sit in it in a chair. If now you are comfortable, then this attire is worse for attention and its price. Do not trust advertising, choose a wedding dress according to the criteria listed above and then you will really look good for your wedding. The fact is that to create beautiful photos in the catalog or even on the store window, a special light and setting are used. In real life, it may turn out that a dress that is beautiful at first glance is much worse than the simplest version, which looks amazing on you. Looking for a quality dress? Pay attention to young designers Often, the bride cannot purchase the dress or bridesmaid dressing gowns she liked because of too high cost. Popular European brands sometimes so inflate the price that an ordinary buyer does not even have to dream of a dress from the catalog. In this case, if you ask yourself a question, where to buy wedding gowns near me, we recommend you to pay attention to young designers, for example, Iryna Kotapska. Her collections are also full of fresh solutions and original ideas. In addition, the prices for such outfits are noticeably lower than those of European and American brands. Therefore, you can buy a dress of excellent quality at an affordable price and look really stunning at your wedding. The fashion house offers ball gowns and wedding dresses for every taste, different cuts, and styles. In the collections, there are bold outfits with a deep neckline and an open back or on the contrary more restrained with a high neck and sleeves. In a word, if you are looking for a high-quality, original and at the same time inexpensive dress, Iryna Kotapska brand unites all these qualities.


Wedding Youth Trends 2019

Wedding Youth Trends

Wedding Youth Trends

Choosing a wedding dress, many brides want to look not only beautiful but also fashionable in this season. Fashion is very volatile, but still, you can follow some of the wedding trends this year. Then your wedding dress will surprise your guests not only with its luxury but also with style. So, here is a small hit-parade of the most fashionable wedding “stuffs” this year, which can be found in the catalogs of not only well-known and well-advertised brands, but also young talented designers, and at reasonable prices.

Wedding Youth Trends 2018

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Number 1. Cape and pelerine

In this season, all kinds of capes and pelerines from different fabrics are fashionable – lace, tulle, also denser chiffon or satin. A beautiful, fashionable cape can be worn over the wedding dress; it can be very short or just to the floor. This supplement will perfectly match with wedding dresses with open shoulders. This season, very fashionable also became bustier dresses, with which such capes and pelerines will be combined just superb.

Number 2. Lace fantasies

Lace is back in fashion again. But this time from it can be seen a whole wedding dress. And it does not matter what style it is, with a long sleeve or short, with an open back or completely closed, long or short. Designers offer a variety of models – only from dense lace, and with a lower contrast lining. Under such lacy splendor, you can pick up the same lace gloves and lace-lined veil. But do not overload your image with intricate patterns and ornaments. You can dilute the lace with lacquered shoes and a small handbag.

Number 3. Simplicity of shape

Designers offer this season marriage dress for bride of a very simple cut. It can be a simple corset without embroidery and a long straight skirt. But such a dress can be perfectly complemented with a delicate cape, beautiful jewelry, original accessories, and a veil of any length. This minimalism surely will appeal to girls with an exquisite and refined taste, who wants to look at their wedding, not pathos, but very feminine and laconic.

Number 4. Light feathers

What else can designers surprise us this year? And there is something to amaze. This year’s trends are feathers. With it can be decorated just a whole skirt or a belt, they can become a beautiful frame for the neckline on the corset of the wedding dress or a beautiful edging for the veil. Even accessories are decorated with feathers.

Number 5. Flowers

Small neat roses and lilies can often be seen on wedding dresses of brides from different eras. But this season the designers decided to do everything to the maximum. Corsets and skirts are decorated with floral applications, print, and embroidery. The wedding dress can be decorated with flowers only lightly or embroidered completely. There are not too much flowers in this season! And everything is fashionable – from simple decorative elements to large and voluminous applications that can decorate a corset, straps, belt of a skirt.

Number 6. Rustic and Boho

Connoisseurs of elegant simplicity will surely appreciate the ideas of designers this season – wedding dresses of simple straight cut, lavishly decorated with embroidery, fringe, ribbons, crystals, lace inserts. Such magnificence is simply impossible not to notice, the simple cut turns into a real masterpiece. An interesting detail is that such luxurious attire is suitable just with make-up in natural colors, simple styling, ornaments from real flowers. The image can be completed with a small tiara and a long simple veil.

Number 7. Pearls and accessories

Wedding Youth Trends 2018

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Fashion brings us back to the beginning of the last century because pearls are again relevant. A wedding dress and accessories can be embroidered with pearls. You can just put on pearl beads, bracelet, earrings, brooch. Small pearls can decorate the wedding dress itself, for example, a corset or a skirt. If you do not like pearls, and you think it is a little old-fashioned, there is another option for you – a neat choker embroidered with beads. Also, designers advise not to forget about accessories, the most relevant in this season are the hat and gloves. You can be at the wedding ceremony in a veil, and then change it to a beautiful elegant hat and gloves in a tone. Thus, you will get two wedding images at once.

Where to buy a dress, as on the cover of a fashion magazine?

Do you think where to buy wedding gowns and that the fashionable high street wedding dresses, that are shown on the catwalks and in the magazines for the brides are unattainable height for you? In this case, you should look in the catalogs and collections of young talented designers who will also present their collections this year. Iryna Kotapska’s design studio offers a wide range of wedding and cocktail dresses that combine classic silhouettes and modern fashion trends. Here you can find a fashionable embroidery, pearls, laces, simple silhouettes.

Wedding Youth Trends 2018

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Each dress of designer Iryna Kotapska is a real masterpiece! The designer tries to offer wedding outfits, not similar one to another not in style, or decor. The business card of the brand became handmade embroidery. In the collections you can find simple classic dresses with an openwork top or more luxurious models, embroidered with Swarovski crystals, beads and paillettes, and also decorated with fringe, which is also fashionable this season. The peculiarity of each outfit is that it is not necessary to select accessories for it.

Annually the brand takes part in all fashionable and significant exhibitions around the world, where new collections are presented. If you do not have the opportunity to visit one of the exhibitions, you can see all the novelties and the range of the fashion house in the affordable wedding dress websites. Internet shopping is also very convenient, in the catalog you can choose the color and size, as well as look at all existing models.

The main trend of this year

The main trend of this season is naturalness. You can choose an outfit of any complexity, style, design, and cut. But it is worth remembering that make-up should be as natural as possible and emphasize natural beauty. The same can be said about hairstyles. It is not necessary to make three-tier hairstyle and decorate it with pearl threads. Accurate simple hairstyle, waves, braids – that’s what you need to create an ideal, but fashionable image.


The best trends since the fall of 2018


The best trends since the fall of 2018

How to look ultrafashionable at your own wedding? Want to know? We will tell you about the latest innovations from the Fall 2018 Bridal Fashion Week podiums. This year, designers surprised us by the variety of decor and the combination of classics and modernity. So, here is our hot parade of interesting trend decisions for the fall of 2018!

Airy capes

The cape allows you to create several images in one. If you want to make the official part of the ceremony in a classic low-key style, put on your shoulders a light cape made of thin tulle or chiffon. After the ceremony, it can be taken off and show your wedding attire in all its glory. In addition, the cape can be an excellent addition to all bridal gowns, making it more interesting and original. For example, choose an openwork cape with ornaments, as on a corset or on the hem of a skirt. In a word, there are a lot of ideas, it all depends on you.

Halter Necklines

Enough to emphasize the bust and waist, it’s time to show the shoulders! Halter Necklines will show beautiful shoulders and will pay more attention to the face. This is an excellent option for girls with any type of figure. A high collar and open shoulders are also able to gracefully emphasize the bust and beautiful waist.

The luxury of gold

Gold jewelry and accessories have always been in vogue. And what about dresses? This year you have the opportunity to show off at the wedding in a dress of this unique color. But it is worthwhile to know that gold dresses attract maximum attention to themselves, so you need to choose the appropriate make-up and hairstyle. But you need to be careful with decorations, it’s better to be without them at all. Otherwise, it can turn out too vulgar.

Bows big and small

Bows were considered as classic attributes of the wedding dress for many years. It was an inconspicuous detail, but only until today. Designers decorated corsets, sleeves, skirts with bows, even used a bow instead of a strap. This season you can see the most unusual interpretations of bows of all sizes and shapes.

Ball dresses

Whatever novelties are not offered by fashion houses, a classic ball gown will always be in a trend. A tight corset and a sumptuous skirt is an ideal outfit for many brides since childhood. With such dresses perfectly match not less fashionable capes, about which we wrote above.

Sleeves with a cut or split sleeve

A noteworthy trend novelty is a long sleeve with a large cut. This solution will give your image more movement and ease. Such sleeves are usually made of thin tulle or chiffon. This solution can be combined with the same air wedding dress with cuts on the sides. Also, it would be equally interesting to look at a dress made of fabric with a light shine.

Pink – it’s stylish!

Pink again returned to the fashion podiums. This year, pink is represented in a wide range of colors – from deep to more tender tones. And the model of the dress can be different – princess, mermaid, A-silhouette. Pink flowers will be an excellent decor for your pink dress. To make the outfit more vivid, choose a fashionable pink cape. Interestingly, the dress does not have to be just pink color. Designers offer models with patterns and even prints.


Do you want to look untypical at a wedding, but at the same time are looking for some kind of classic solution? This season, designers offer wedding trouser suits and overalls. This option is suitable for a wedding ceremony in a modern style.

High collar

Want to bring in your image more luxury and a little rigor? A high collar of lace is easy to cope with this task. Also in this season, you can see the collars of fine tulle, satin, chiffon, with embroidery and ornaments.

Sleep dresses

Connoisseurs of simple refinement will surely like this fashion trend. A simple long dress that fits the figure will suit girls with any figure. Thin straps or a boho sleeve, some lace or embroidery on the bodice – that’s all you need for your perfect wedding image. Typically, these outfits are made of flowing silk or satin, due to that an easy movement effect is created.

Where can you buy a fashion dress?

Dresses from fashion shows are certainly beautiful and some girls would like to appear at the wedding in one of this new bridal dress. But not every bride has such an opportunity. Moreover, podium models are presented in a single variant. The perfect solution will be the Internet, or rather to order a fashionable dress through an online store. If you are looking for bridal dresses, online shopping will be the best way to buy it quickly.

Fashion designer Iryna Kotapska offers dozens of original and trendy outfits for brides with any preference in fashion. In the collections, there are models with a long and short sleeve, made of thin tulle or completely closed. A feature of the fashion house is a hand embroidery and 3D applique. Embroidered with mesh and beaded outfits look stylish and unusual. In the catalog for sure, you can find a great choice of attires of modest classics, with strict straight lines, lush skirts and tight corsets.

This year the designer presented a new collection taking into account all the fashionable novelties in this and the next season. All dresses can be bought at wholesale prices. If you are the owner of a wedding salon or an entire chain of shops, you can order a whole collection at very competitive prices. Wholesale buyers are always offered discount bridal gowns and loyal prices. Also, you can visit bridal dress sale and order some models at a very low price.

Please note that all of Iryna Kotapska’s dresses are sewn by hand by the studio masters. Therefore, you can be assured of quality tailoring and an ideal fit for the sizes. Thanks to the handmade dress, it is ideal to sit on a figure, without wrinkles and other things that can ruin the wedding image.