Back to traditions or fresh look at the wedding? Colors of wedding dresses


Colors of wedding dresses 

Beautiful color of a wedding dress

Colors. Only six letters but have you ever mused about how important colors are in our life? Painters use colors to express feelings and emotions that can not be described in worlds or written on a paper. Using the appropriate colors we can tell about sincerity of our feelings and seriousness of our intentions. Theme about colors can be discussed during very long period of time but in this article we are going to speak about wedding colors, or rather wedding dresses colors. Let’s start from the very beginning and consider why the traditional color of wedding dress is white and how it is connected with history. 

Colors vs traditions. White wedding dress. 

It seems to the modern brides that the white color of the wedding dress is one of the indestructible wedding traditions, rooted deep in the past. And many brides try to break stereotypes at their celebration, starting with the color of the wedding dress – any, just not the traditional white. In fact, the custom to marry in white color by historical standards is not as ancient as we think– it is less than two hundred years old. Let’s see what the white color of a wedding dress means and when it began to be considered as traditional for the wonderful marriage ceremony. Perhaps the first time a white dress for a wedding ceremony was worn by the Duchess of Brittany and the Queen of France ANNA BRETONSKA, who married Louis XII in 1499. This was the first messenger of the nascent tradition, which for more than one century was supported only by the bravest brides. With the process of time more and more brides all over the world supported this tradition and wore white dresses for their wedding ceremonies. White color was rightfully considered festive, solemn, symbolized purity and integrity, tenderness and sincere feelings of the bride to her chosen one. Wedding dresses became more and more refined and luxurious, for their manufacture materials such as silk, satin and lace began to be used. Gradually, the fashion includes stitched silhouettes, open arms and shoulders.  


Pink color of a wedding dress

Things are changing. White wedding dresses nowadays. 

During many years white color of wedding dresses was one and only choice for all brides and was considered as the traditional one, but in process of time more and more people thought that it became old-fashioned and even boring. Nowadays our world is divided into two parts. The first part thinks that traditions should not be forgotten and gives preference to classic white wedding dresses while another part thinks that in the modern world a lot of things have changed and it’s time to introduce new traditions and consider other color options for wedding dresses. Actually the opinion of both of sides have sense, but we take side of the second group and think that times are changing and it’s time to look at many familiar things from a different angleAs you know, the color scheme is one of the most difficult decisions to be made for those who want to be unique at their wedding. But in addition to this, there is another practical side of this decision: with the help of various shades, the fashion for which is growing rapidly, a bride can advantageously emphasize her appearance and figure.  

Modern colors for wedding 

In modern fashion, the main role is evenly distributed between styles, dressing and price of fabrics, and white color was moved by the shades of cold and warm palettes from its pedestal, giving way to new trends. Nowadays a lot of brides prefer such colors as champagne, ivory, peach, pink and powder shades, but you can also see a lot of more extreme color choices as red, turquoise, brown colors and a lot of various colors combinations as well. Actually it doesn’t matter which color the bride will choose, the main purpose of this color should be to naturally emphasize the bride’s beauty and create a sensual and elegant image.  

Pink color of a wedding dress

How to choose? 

From one side the great variety of different colors for wedding dresses offered by wedding gown wholesalers gives freedom of choice, but from another can lead to a dead end because of too many colors availability. So, the question number one – which color to choose? The question number two- what moments should be necessarily carefully thought out while choosing? Today you can easily find a lot of bridal wholesaler distributors that offer a lot of different colors to choose from, so WHICH color to choose must be only YOUR choice. We highly recommend you not to listen to your friends, mom or other people, this wedding is yours and this decision must be made only by you.  The main thing to think about when choosing the appropriate color is to note some very important things. Actually these are “rules” how to choose the desired color and don’t look ridiculous on the best day of your life. Let’s consider all of them: 

  • The first thing which should be necessary considered is to learn the color type of your skin and to pick up a shade of a fabric that suits you most of all. After all, if you simply choose your favorite color, then you risk to look ridiculous, because it may not suit you; 
  • Do not forget also that your dress should be harmoniously combined with the groom’s outfit, as well as with the theme colors of the wedding celebration; 
  • The accessories that you choose for your own should be combined with it in color, otherwise your entire image will look flashily; 
  • Remember that the shade of the dress can be different on video or photography, so if you want the photos from your wedding to be perfect, do not forget to check this nuance also. 

ayvor color of a wedding dress

Where to choose? 

Nowadays you can find a lot of cheap online wedding dresses but we highly recommend you not only choose by price, don’t forget that his day will be special for you and the torn zipper or other damaged wedding dress’ parts can spoil this day beyond retrieve. On our website you can buy wedding dress cheap in Chicago and find a lot of different modern color option to choose from, while the specialists can also help you with the most suitable color to your appearance and tastes. European manufacturer and first class of materials used for each our dress will not let you down. 

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