How to choose your dream wedding dress

How to choose your dream wedding dress

Wedding fashion

Chastity and femininity are the first associations that arise when mentioning a wedding dress. But do all dresses correspond to the above-mentioned associations? Of course not. The fact is that wedding dresses should not only match the latest fashion trends, but also sit perfectly on the figure, and at this stage there may be some problems. Even after trying a few examples in different salons sometimes it may be difficult to find the ideal model. To avoid difficulties in choosing the most important dress in your life you need to carefully select the wedding salon. Range of salon should amaze the bride’s imagination, and the competence of employees should minimize the time costs when choosing a wedding dress.

dream wedding dress

The main moments to pay attention on

Classic dresses with a lush skirt or modern short models, dresses of crystal white color or models in cream shades – this is only a small part of the nuances of the wedding dress with which the bride will have to decide. To make the best choice our professional advisers will help you to determine the type of your figure and will advise the most advantageous dress model. Thanks to the spacious fitting rooms, the bride has the opportunity in a comfortable environment to evaluate several types of attire. Trying on a wedding dress is a difficult and slow process, and in order to shorten it, it is worthwhile to decide in advance what models you like and want to compare.

Wedding fashion

Wedding dress according to the figure type

The wedding dress should ideally sit on the bride so that she not only felt like a queen, but she looked the same. Matched according to the type of figure, the wedding dress will emphasize the dignity of the figure and mask its shortcomings. To brides with short stature will ideally suit dresses in Empire style with the high waist line will, as such silhouette visually increases the height. The V-shaped neckline of the dress visually makes the breast bigger, and the waist thinner. In addition, a dress with such neckline will make your shoulders slimmer. If you want to visually increase the breast you should choose dress with a cut-out drape “swing” and “waterfall”, as well as with other draperies along the neckline and bodice cut (jabot, lace trim, etc.).

8 Tips for choosing a wedding dress

Tip #1: Start your search in advance. If you want o the wedding shopping bring you only positive emotions, you should not do it in a hurry. You wear a wedding dress just once, so pay special attention to it.

Tip #2: Decide with the place, time and style of the wedding. The dress should correspond to the overall concept of celebration. If the ceremony takes place in the forest, it is unlikely that you will feel comfortable in a lush dress. Also from the time of the year the material of the attire will depend.

Tip #3: The bride’s dress must necessarily be combined with the groom’s outfit. You should be a harmonious pair not only in life, but also in the photographer’s lens on such an important day.

Tip #4: Do not take your whole family with to the wedding salon. Mom, sister or best friend will be enough. Otherwise, you will have to listen to the opinions of everyone and choose a dress according to their advice, and not on your own taste.

Tip #5: Mannequins in the windows of boutiques and on the cover of wedding magazines are so full of perfection, right? But do not forget about Photoshop, the work of professional stylists and proper marketing. When choosing a wedding dress, consider the features of your figure, skin color and height.

Tip #6: Do not be afraid to go out of the frame and experiment! This is fine, if you know in advance what style of dresses suit you. But try to look around and try on something unexpected for yourself. Perhaps, love at first sight will not be the way you imagined.

Tip #7: Pay attention to the details and laconism of your image. The abundance of ornaments can be complemented by a modest and simple dress, while too lush and textured dress with a lot of accessories will make of you look like a Christmas tree. Minimalism is the key to success!

Tip #8: Trust the consultants. Every day they are trying on brides with different types of figures, so they can unmistakably guess which style of dress suit you. Perhaps, the dress, which at first you did not like, will pleasantly surprise you.

Wedding dress according

How to choose wedding shoes?

If choosing of the wedding dress is only a half of the task, the other half is to correctly choose bride wedding shoes. Shoes in the image of the bride play a very important role, because they must not only harmonize with the image, but also allow her to feel comfortable during all day. Naturally, no one will forbid the bride to wear high heel shoes under her outfit, but it is better to provide an alternative version of footwear just in case. For example, during walks around the city, a bride can change her shoes into something more comfortable.

In addition to this wedding shoes should be combined with a color of dress, its style and fabric. If you chose a dress, made of matte fabric, you should choose shoes that are finished with crepe. If there is lace in your wedding dress, then the same detail should be on your wedding shoes. Satin dress, respectively, will look perfectly with shoes, finished with the same material.

Where to buy?

The wedding dress should fit into the overall concept of the holiday and harmonize with the groom’s outfit, bouquet and other accessories. With the help of our experts, you will choose your best dress among the most charming wedding dresses available nowadays! Following modern fashionable wedding trends and not forgetting about traditions, we select only the best models for transforming princesses into queens. We offer bride wedding dress wholesale with the wide range of the newest models with modern accessories and made of the modern fabrics. In our salon you will find wedding shoes and dress for every taste: trendy or classic, rich or simple and exquisite. All models available on our modern bride magazine official website you can always see in our salon and try on. Each week the range is updated. In the catalog on our site there are many models of wedding dresses that you can consider in detail without leaving your home. Our salon presents wedding dresses from the best manufacturers!

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