How to choose the right hairstyle for a wedding dress

How to choose the right hairstyle for a wedding dress

Bridal dress and hairstyle – these two things immediately are conspicuous, as soon as we see the bride at the wedding. That’s why many girls make complex styling and haircuts with an incredible interweaving of hair. Although in fact it may be enough just slightly lay the hair with light waves and pin up a pair of curls with a beautiful barrette.

Hairstyles for brides

To properly choose a hairstyle, you must first decide where to buy wedding dresses. Hairstyles are chosen according to the type of fabric and the style of the wedding dress. Here are some tips:

  • Lightweight weightless chiffon will look good with the same simple hairstyle. Therefore, you can carry the hair in a high hairstyle and let out a pair of beautiful long curls.
  • Dresses with lace look good with beautiful styling, high hairstyle, well-laid curls. The hairstyle must be neat, possibly complex and unusual.
  • Dresses in Greek style look great with nicely curled curls. This outfit can be supplemented with a small tiara.

But of course, you need to choose your hairstyle not only according to the type of fabric but also by the style, design of the dress. Many new models of wedding dresses allow you to choose any haircut – curls, light waves, braids, lush mane. First and foremost, you need to know which hairstyle and styling fit your type of face.

Hairstyles for brides

Hairstyles for brides – see more

Hairstyles for brides

Hairstyles for brides – see more

Hairstyles for brides

Hairstyles for brides – see more

What not to do before the wedding

Before your wedding is a week or less? Then just do not change the color of your hair. Most likely you have chosen a dress and a haircut under the color and a shade of hair, therefore in other shade all can be looked in another way. If you really want to look somehow in a new way, you can use a tone balm that will make your hair color brighter and more saturated.

Also, before the wedding itself, you should not change your haircut. If you want to change the image and cut your hair or make a model haircut, it’s best to do it two to three weeks before the wedding. During this time, the hair will grow a little and the haircut itself will look more natural.

How correctly to combine a hairstyle and a dress?

If you liked the dress from the cover of a fashion magazine, it does not necessarily look like in the same way on your wedding either. Experiment a little at home before the celebration, try a few different options. But in general, you can choose a hairstyle for the silhouettes of a wedding dress. This is the easiest and most convenient way. Successfully combining the style of dress and styling, you can create a whole harmonious and well thought out image.

A princess

This is a dress with a lush skirt and tight corset. In this outfit, every girl will feel like a real princess. And what kind of hair do real princesses have? Beautiful tresses carried in a high hairstyle or with a beautiful barrette on one side. To such a dress is perfect the tiara with crystals, which will give the image more radiance.


Tight wedding robes look good with neatly laid hair. Also, the hair can be decorated with pearl threads or a beautiful hair clip. The second option is a lush hair-mane with carefully laid out every curl.

Straight silhouette

A laconic and strict dress looks good with light waves or curls; it is also possible to assemble hair into a low tail. Everything in the image should be simple and sloppy careless.

Dresses in Greek style

This outfit looks great with small curls or braids. The whole image should be light and simple, at the same time very feminine and romantic. A beautiful addition will be a small tiara.

Additional hair accessories

Hairstyles for brides

Beautifully and appropriately in the hair will look thin thread with pearls, but only if there are not many of them. You can also complement your hair with hairpins with large and small flowers, a bow, hair clips with rhinestones, ribbons. It all depends on the style of the dress itself. If the outfit is made in a simple laconic style, then the hair must match it. That is a minimum of jewelry, all attention to the bride. If the wedding dress is embroidered with beads, bright decor, then the hair can be decorated somehow more expressively.

Although recently designers of wedding fashion prefer simplicity and naturalness that is why a perfect addition to the dress will be a simple, but elegant and carefully laid haircut, where each curl is in its place. Perhaps, it is necessary to make simply beautiful styling, which will be suitable for your face type and harmoniously combined with the outfit.

The outfit under which any haircut fits

Do you want to look elegant and feminine and very stylish at the wedding? At the same time feel comfortable and free? Then pay attention to the bridal shops’ bridesmaid dresses to the collection of wedding dresses from the fashion young designer Iryna Kotapska. Under many models of wedding dresses, you can make an easy styling or carry hair with an exquisite hairstyle. This is the type of wedding dresses that combines grace and simplicity, allowing you to create the most romantic and fashionable wedding images.

The designer bridesmaid dresses offer several collections of wedding dresses, which differ in style. They can be divided into several types:

  • Lovely dress for the princess. This model of a dress with a dense corset, decorated with embroidery and a lush long skirt. Each dress is sewn by hand by the studio masters, so it sits perfectly on the figure. You can carry hair with a high hairstyle and focus on the neckline, jewelry or lay them with beautiful curls, using a beautiful hair clip.
  • Tight at the top and free at the bottom – it is a dress of the silhouette Mermaid. Such dresses can wear girls who are not afraid to show their figure. Therefore, the hair should be appropriate – a lush styling, which will be combined with a long free part of the outfit or a strict styling that, will make the image more elegant and refined.
  • A straight dress will allow you to style your hair, as you like. Straight cut dresses with a long skirt visually make the figure slimmer, but adding some laconism to the image, so the choice of hair must be treated very carefully.

Studio Iryna Kotapska offers outfits for, bride wedding completely made manually by craftsmen at reasonable prices. If you are asking yourself, where to find wedding dresses just go online to the site of a fashion house and dive into the world of beauty and unsurpassed style. The fashion house offers a large selection of bridal dresses online in its catalog, as well as presenting novelties in the most fashionable and popular exhibitions of the world. If you do not have the opportunity to visit one of these exhibitions, you can see all the new presentations and even buy wedding dress online

A great advantage of the brand can be considered affordable bridal gown prices for almost the entire range. Also, there is an opportunity to purchase models of past seasons at very attractive prices. Therefore, if you are the owner of a dozen of wedding salons or even several shops, you will surely be able to find a profitable offer for yourself.


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