How to choose shoes for a wedding

How to choose shoes for a wedding

Preparing for their own wedding, many girls pay maximum attention to the choice of a marriage dress for the bride. Although properly selected shoes are not less important. You want to choose a beautiful and comfortable wedding dress, but what about shoes? The most luxurious outfit will be spoiled by a tired gait. Therefore, it is worth spending a little time to choose the best pair of shoes, which will be convenient the whole day.So far there are no separate salons where you can buy a pair of wedding shoes. Usually, shoes for a wedding dress are presented in the salon, where you buy a dress. But in most cases, these are uninteresting classical models, which they have nowhere to put on. Therefore, many girls choose shoes separately; they search on the Internet or in shoe boutiques.

A few interesting and useful tips from designers of wedding shoes will help to make the search and selection of an ideal pair of shoes more simple.

Tip 1: comfort in the first place

If you are used to constantly wear high heels, then 10-12 centimeter heels for you will definitely not be a problem. Well, if you usually wear sneakers or ballerinas, but decided to wear high-heeled shoes at the wedding, you need to practice a little at home. When you bought a favorite pair, resemble it at home.

Tip 2: usability and versatility

Many brides now take away the preference for wedding shoes of universal color – it’s cream, beige or powder. It fits well with the wedding dress. And also it can be worn for another event or holiday. Shoes of these colors are good for the office costume too. Therefore, it is not at all necessary to acquire pathos shoes with crystals and rhinestones that will hardly be visible under the folds of the skirt, and they will lie in the box because you simply have nowhere else to put them on.

Tip 3: color combination

Wedding designers do not recommend combining a classic white dress with shoes of other colors. Also, this rule works if your dress is golden, pink, and beige. To such wedding dresses you need to choose shoes of the appropriate color, otherwise, a pair of shoes will simply ruin your image, so carefully created for several weeks, or maybe months.

Tip 4: if you get married in a short dress…

Fashion houses offer wedding dresses of non-standard cut, style, and even length. Now you can go under the crown in a dress up to the knee and even higher. If you abandoned the classic long princess silhouette dress and decided to show your beautiful legs, then the shoes should be appropriate. With a short skirt look good shoes with a high elegant heel-stud. Therefore, you will have to walk in them all evening.

A pair of wedding shoes – how they must look like?

Shoes should be selected in accordance with the style and color of your wedding dress. Therefore, if you bought a pair of shoes before the dress, you must necessarily take them to the wedding salon or fitting. First, you need to see how they will be combined with the model you have chosen. And secondly, you need to determine the length of the skirt, if it is long in the chosen model.

Two pairs instead of one

Some brides decide to buy at the wedding two pairs of shoes – with a heel and without it. For a wedding photo session and a ceremony, they wear beautiful high-heeled shoes, and in the restaurant, they are changed to more comfortable ballerinas or even sneakers. This is a pretty good solution, but again everything depends on the style and length of the wedding dress.

Tankette or low heel

Another no less practical option are shoes not on the heel, but on the tankette. The tankette is more stable, therefore the foot in such shoes does not get tired. Shoes with a low wide heel will also be an excellent solution if you pick up a pair of quality branded shoes; your legs will not get tired at all. Shoes on a tankette or a small heel fit both to a long dress and to models with a short skirt.

Dresses, under which you can put on any shoes

A wedding is always a bustle and a lack of time. So if you have a question, where to buy wedding gowns or affordable wedding dresses near me, beautiful and inexpensive, go online and visit the website of the fashion designer of wedding and evening fashion Iryna Kotapska. Beautiful and flying wedding dresses attract attention with a combination of simplicity and luxury, grace and complex lines. Under any outfit, you can wear simple white “boats” or shoes in which you will be really comfortable.

Fashion designer Iryna Kotapska offers a wide range of dresses for the wedding for every taste. All dresses attract attention with an interesting design and luxurious handmade embroideries. Therefore, all attention will be drawn to your wedding attire, not shoes. Due to the long skirt, shoes are simply invisible, so you can freely pick up a pair of neat white or cream colored sneakers, miniature ballerinas or any other shoes that you feel comfortable with.

Fashion designer attracts attention with an unusual combination of classic silhouettes and fashionable accents in outfits. Every year the fashion house presents its new collection, in which the most trendy solutions and feminine romanticism are subtly combined. The entire range of designer can be viewed in the wedding dress shops, an online store of wedding dresses or on one of the exhibitions where you can not only see the latest novelties of the brand but also evaluate the quality of materials, work, cut and sewing.

In addition to the large assortment in the catalog, you can choose a dress at a reasonable price. After comfort and quality, the availability of all outfits from the catalog comes to the first place. Therefore, if you have a question, where to get wedding dresses, Iryna Kotapska studio will be an excellent solution.

For wholesale buyers often operates a profitable system of discounts and offers. In the affordable wedding dress websites, you can order dresses of any size and several colors to choose from. Also, there are models of large sizes. A great advantage of the brand can be considered exclusively hand-sewing all the outfits, which indicates the high quality and comfort of each presented model in the catalog.

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