How pick up shoes

How pick up shoes

In the wedding dress, every detail is important – the color of the dress, accessories, long veil. Not in the last place are shoes too. Just a couple of years ago, this part of the wedding image was treated with little interest, and the wedding salons offered the classic white «boats» on a small heel to the brides. But everything has changed since the very moment when there appeared young talented designers who were able to show how important the balance and harmony of all elements of the outfit.

How to choose the perfect pair of wedding shoes?

Each girl has her own imagination of a couple of shoes, in which she will go under the aisle and take pictures with guests. For someone, it’s light ballerinas, and for someone – shoes with a stud and platform. But there are several standard criteria for finding your ideal pair:

  • It does not matter whether it’s high heeled shoes or platform sneakers it should always be comfortable. The main thing is that you were comfortable with them. Shoes are better to buy a couple of weeks before the wedding and periodically wear them at home, so your feet are completely used to them and on the wedding day, you will not look like a clumsy bear.
  • The color of the shoe must match the color of the dress or accessories. In general, it is considered a good decision to match everything in tone or to sustain a difference in a couple of tones. You can choose shoes for the color of accessories. But it must be combined as accurately as possible. Do not choose shoes in the color of the decor on the dress.
  • Usually, shoes are selected, as we can say “by season”. If it’s freezing outside, do not put on open shoes just for the sake of beautiful pictures. Elegant boats can be worn in the restaurant.

Recently, practicality has become fashionable. Therefore, many brides purchase especially such shoes, in which they can go after the wedding. For this purpose ballet, moccasins, and sneakers are perfect. They will fit well not only with the wedding attire but also with a casual wardrobe.

Fashion trend – two pairs of shoes

Even if the weather is excellent and it becomes obvious that only sandals will suit you, some brides decide to buy two pairs of shoes. In fact, this solution is very correct and practical. It is worth considering that in the chosen pair of shoes you will spend about 12 hours. And in ordinary casual shoes is not always comfortable at the end of the day, what can we say about the festive dress? By purchasing two pairs of shoes, you will make your wedding day more comfortable. For the ceremony in the registry office, a photo session and a solemn part in a restaurant elegant slippers on heels will fit. But after all of the above, you can wear something more comfortable – ballerinas. moccasins, sneakers, etc. Perhaps this solution is not very economical, but at the end of the festive evening, you will feel yourself as easily as at the beginning.

Let’s select shoes under the silhouette of a wedding dress

There are only a few classical silhouettes of dresses, which are basic for all fashion designers. Silhouette of the mermaid will remain so, even if it will be embroidered with flowers and decorate with fringe or even if it will be plus size wedding dresses, and the A-silhouette will remain invariably strict, despite the gentle lace and appliqués. Therefore, in principle, it is not so difficult to pick up shoes under the silhouette of a dress.

High heels for the dress with a cut from the hip

Accurate shoes on thin feels will look just amazing in such an ensemble. They will visually be able to make the legs longer, and the waist thinner. And the whole figure as a whole, such shoes will give slenderness and grace. With a beautiful cut, there may be silhouettes of a mermaid or A-silhouette. Soft ballerinas, moccasins or sneakers for the princess Under the magnificent folds of a long skirt, it will not be noticeable are you on a wedge or in a sabot. Usually, only the toe of the shoe is seen. Therefore, you can safely put on comfortable shoes on a low platform. No one and guests will guess what you’re wearing, but you can freely move and dance with guests all day.

Sandals for dresses in Greek style

If you have chosen a free dress-toga, then it’s also worthwhile to work hard under such image. Therefore, sandals at low platform will approach this alongside as well as possible. It is both beautiful and comfortable. It is the dress in the Greek style that is very demanding on shoes – if you pick it up incorrectly, you can just mess up the whole image.

A universal dress, under which you can put on any shoes

There are dresses that are beautiful in themselves and do not need carefully select shoes. You can put on just what you like. Such dresses include many beautiful gowns of young and talented designer Iryna Kotapska. All sell wedding dress in the collection is a separate story, a unique design idea, which is completely completed. It is, for this reason, each of Iryna Kotapska’s wedding dress collection absolutely does not need additional decor, for example, jewelry or expensive accessories. Therefore, if you decide to buy wedding gowns online from the designer’s catalog or in discount wedding dress stores, do not worry, it will fit for the pair of shoes that you already bought or would like to buy. But it is better to buy shoes before buying a dress or fitting so that you can accurately determine the length of the skirt.

Which wedding shoes now are on trend

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Creating a fashion collection, all famous designers must choose a pair of shoes almost for each model separately. Therefore, in the fashion show of wedding dresses, you can immediately understand which shoes are considered fashionable now. And this year’s fashion is extreme and original:

  • Sandals on a low stroke with an open toe. Simple sandals will be a perfect addition to any wedding image, whether it is a dress with a long skirt or just up to the knee.
  • With floral motifs. Flowers in this season are very fashionable. They are decorated with wedding dresses, they also adorn the shoes. But it’s worth knowing the measure because the same floral print on the dress and shoes will look too lurid.
  • Embroidery with beads and crystals. A vivid contrast to the classic ballerinas – luxurious shoes with a stud, embroidered with crystals and sequins. But it is better to pick up such shoes for a dress that will allow them to show.

In conclusion, you can say that you do not need to chase fashion trends if you do not fit a particular type of shoes. In the first place should always be comforting. On wedding photos, the bride will look good not because of high heels or rich embroidery on expensive shoes, but due to her ease and good mood.

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