How to pick up gloves

how to pick up a glowes

How to pick up gloves

No matter how the fashion changes and whatever new trends appear every new season, gloves in the wedding ensemble of the bride always were and will be. They can vary, change the length and design, but still this accessory is the final touch to every wedding image. Gloves should be selected to the attire which you have already bought in the wedding salon. Do not do the opposite – choose a dress for gloves. Today such wedding accessories are presented simply in huge quantities. A young bride usually cannot decide which pair of gloves will perfectly match with the selected wedding dress. To choose gloves, it is worth to know what types they can be. Gloves are divided into types along the length and quality of the material:

  • By length. Gloves can be short (to the wrist), medium length (not reaching the elbow), and long (above the elbow).
  • By the type of fabric. Such a wedding accessory can be made of dense satin, lace or mesh.

Also, gloves can be with open fingers or completely cover the hand and fingers. Models with open fingers allow you to easily put on the ring during the ceremony. But completely closed models look very elegant and stylish. Recently, designers offer not only white but also color models. The original solution will be to pick up a white dress with colored gloves and a belt. Or you can even move away from the classics and put on your wedding dress of unusual color and the same gloves.

glowes for wedding

Original and fashionable look models with decor – crystals, beads and embroidered with sequins. They can be combined with jewelry or tiaras but can be made simply as an independent bright detail of your image. Gloves under the silhouette of a wedding dress. There are several basic silhouettes of wedding dresses, for them, you need to select gloves. Of course, now the brides appear at their weddings, as they like. But you still need to know how to combine accessories right. So, the silhouette of a princess is a fluffy skirt down to the floor and a tight corset. To this dress will be very suitable long gloves above the elbow. Also, a good solution will be short mitts or fully closed gloves to the wrist. The lush dress always attracts maximum attention, so gloves should be like a completion of this royal image. Dress silhouette of a mermaid – fully fitting, a skirt from the knee and lower loose. This dress makes the figure look like a vase – it well hides shortcomings and emphasizes the dignity of the figure. A skirt visually makes the waist and hips slimmer. With this dress, you can wear long gloves or short openwork. A-line bridesmaid gown is a straight skirt of free cut and the same light and elegant top. With this dress, you can wear gloves of any length. Gloves of medium length to the elbow look very good. They give the image some romanticism and grace.

glowes for wedding black

Dress in a straight skirt of air chiffon – the top can be in the form of a corset or top. Gloves are of medium length or long. This dressing gown allows you to choose any accessories and decorations. Gloves from lace though look original, but they must be combined with some element of the dress. If you wear a tight dress of chiffon in a laconic style and openwork long gloves, this will primarily look incomprehensible. Therefore, the dress should have lace elements – on the corset, on the skirt, sleeves. Satin gloves look good with any wedding dress. If you have a dress silhouette princess, then gloves can be without any inserts. With all the other silhouettes, it’s better to wear models with small inserts from the mesh or lace. Gloves from the mesh look a little coquettish, so they should be worn with a dress of original cut and design. Mesh can be combined with the same transparent inserts on the corset, back, sleeves. Usually, gloves from the mesh on the wrist are decorated with some decor. Where can you buy original designer dresses and accessories for them? Looking through the fashion magazines for brides, each girl finds one, and perhaps several memorable images, which it is simply impossible to realize in practice – the stores offer standard accessories for classic dresses and formal bridesmaid dresses. If you see a gorgeous dress and cannot forget it, and a pair of such gorgeous gloves, you should look for an affordable analog in the collections of young talented designers. One of these at the moment is Iryna Kotapska. The designer has her own studio for tailor-made wedding and bridesmaid dresses and accessories for them. Therefore, you can not only find a chic dress, but also original gloves. A special feature of the designer is a completely handmade sewing and decoration of each dress. Manual embroidery on corsets and skirts, as well as accessories also distinguishes this fashion house from the rest. Each dress from Iryna Kotapska it is:

  • Thin lace with patterns.
  • Embroidery with beads and Swarovski crystals.
  • Thin weightless tulle.
  • Quality Japanese fittings.
gloves for wedding

Thanks to all these qualities, dresses in collections will please you with their beauty and comfort, skillfully embroidered patterns and an ideal fit in the figure. Collections of the designer are divided into styles, but all the outfits have one thing in common – a special charm and elegance of the silhouette. Therefore, it does not matter if you have the ideal shapes or figure of Aphrodite, you can find an elegant outfit in the designer’s catalog. Iryna Kotapska’s studio annually presents its new models and collections at world-famous exhibitions in Moscow, Madrid, Chicago. Also, the entire range can be viewed in the online catalog. For wholesale buyers, there are good discounts and a loyal price program. The designer offers off the rack wedding dresses in all existing sizes – from the smallest to the plus size. In addition, each wholesale buyer has the opportunity to purchase models from earlier collections at reduced prices. So which gloves to choose? To find good and original, suitable for style gloves, you should choose a dress and accessories together, no matter if you look at the catalog on the wedding dress sites or stand in the salon. You can pick up your favorite dress and immediately see all the current models of gloves. This will create a truly carefully thought out and harmonious image, each detail of which will be ideal and noticeable.

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