Ideas for a wedding photo shoot in the summer

Ideas for a wedding photo shoot in the summer

Summer is always a short story, full of vivid memories and events. Therefore, if you decided to arrange a wedding in one of the three summer months, ideas, where and how you can hold a wedding photo session, more than enough. But at the same time, you need to choose a place where you can freely take pictures, both together with the groom, and with the guests. Also, it should not be too unusual or extreme place. It is worth remembering that you have a luxurious wedding dress, in which you will have to go to the restaurant and spend the whole evening. Consider several different places, where you can hold a photo session in the warm season.

wedding photo shoot in the summer

If you have a beautiful, well-groomed forest or a lake, a river, or perhaps a mountain near you, the best solution is to go there. An experienced photographer will choose the most beautiful and original camera angles, so the most usual and familiar place can turn into a real masterpiece of photo art.

In addition, a walk through the picturesque places is very reassuring and will calm the brides on the day of the wedding. Therefore, in some ways, it is the opportunity to relax a bit, posing and smiling in front of the camera lens. Also in the open air, you can arrange a very funny and memorable photo session, in which all guests can take part.

If there is a sea nearby

Nothing can be more luxurious than a bride in a snow-white dress on the shore of a blue sparkling sea on a sunny summer day. You do not need to invent anything; the imagination of your photographer will tell you the best angles for a session! A good solution is to find some nice terrace or bridge, and maybe a dock with yachts. This will add a photo shoot a bit of romanticism and adventure.

Photoshoot in the city

Where can you go to arrange a bright photo shoot, if you live in a huge city? There are plenty of such places in the big city. There are always options for photo shoots in good and bad weather. If the weather is sunny, go to the park, to an open art exhibition, to the fountains. If the rain drizzles on the street, you can safely go to the museum. But not just the one where the technique or books are shown. And in the one where there are beautiful paintings, antiques, vases, fresh flowers. Believe us, such a photo session will be very unusual. Pose at the beautiful handicraft exhibits, walk through the spacious and majestic halls. In a word, find interesting perspectives and diversify the usual photo session with interesting pictures.

Individual photo shoot

This type of photo session is also very beautiful. The photographer must bring the inventory with him or you go to a certain place. Next, the stylist and photographer prepare you for the photo session. It can be pictured in a beautiful openwork alcove, on a swing, weaved by flowers, with animals, in a very expensive car. In a word, such a photo session should be very beautiful, luxurious and look expensive. Usually, it is conducted without guests.

Accessories that will help diversify the wedding photo session

Who said that in the photos there should be a bride only with a bouquet in hands? In fact, there are a lot of ideas how to make a photo session brighter and more interesting. And the main role in this plays simple at first glance things and accessories. Below are the most popular of them, which any bride can take with her to the shooting.


It’s not about the usual umbrella from the rain, but about those umbrellas that must protect from the sun. They are made of fabric and are often decorated with frills, ruffles, lace. Such an openwork umbrella will become an elegant detail that can dignifiedly complement the image of a romantic and gentle bride.

Beautiful handbag

Not every bride wants to carry, even a small clutch throughout the day. Therefore, the perfect solution will be to take the lace small handbag only for a couple of hours for a photo session and then leave your hands free for hugs and bouquets.


Lovely and slightly childish balloons will make your pictures vivid and different from others. Quite enough five bright balloons that will ьфлу a festive atmosphere and surely will raise the mood not only to you but to all those around you.

The second dress for a photoshoot

Recently, some brides get several wedding dresses for their wedding. Usually one of the wedding wear is very beautiful, and the second one is very convenient. For photo shoots, you can pick up a refined and elegant dress that will emphasize all the dignities of the figure and your femininity. Very beautiful in the pictures look the outfits of a silhouette mermaid. This attire tightly fits the figure, making it visually slimmer and more elegant.

By the way, a wedding dress for a successful photo shoot is of great importance. It should not only look good in the pictures but also be very expressive, with beautifully drawn elements of decor and others. Find a dress that meets all of the above requirements is not as easy as it seems. In search of an ideal outfit, look in the catalog and collections of young designers of. wedding couture.

Novelties with their character

Fashionable and talented designer Iryna Kotapska offers several collections of exquisite outfits that combine classic simplicity and royal chic. In the collections there are models for every taste, different cuts, and styles:

  • Dress of the silhouette princess. A lush long skirt makes the image more fragile, and a corset with embroidery, crystals or sequins will bring a touch of luxury.
  • Silhouette of a mermaid for those who are not afraid to show the dignities of the figure. This style will create an elegant, but at the same time, a luxurious and expensive image that can be supplemented with any accessories. Especially elegant looks this silhouette in lacy performance.
  • A-silhouette dress for connoisseurs of laconicism and harmonious simplicity. Such an outfit will suit girls with any complexion.

Luxury lace, exquisite embroidery, perfect lines and aesthetics of every outfit will make any photo shoot successful. It is interesting that designer clothes from Iryna Kotapska absolutely do not need jewelry and accessories, because they are beautiful in themselves. Any fashion designer’s dress can be viewed and ordered in the wedding dress online shop. Attires of Iryna Kotapska can also be bought in fashionable wedding gown boutique at favorable prices. The brand can be classified as quite popular because every year the fashion house takes part in all famous exhibitions around the world.

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