Iryna Kotapska – always quality and style

Iryna Kotapska – always quality and style

Irina Kotapskaya’s creativity is the creation of dresses for brides, their quality, and style.

The design studio of Iryna Kotapska is a bright representative of the Ukrainian wedding fashion. Collections of the designer speak eloquently that in Ukraine there are talented fashion designers, and they can be interesting all over the world. Iryna Kotapska has a special style that can be immediately recognized from thousands – it is a combination of simplicity and luxury, the ability to find a “golden mean” between coquetry and modesty. The fashion house is also known for the fact that all models are sewn exclusively by hand. Only manual sewing can provide an ideal fit to the figure and decorative elements of handmade surprise with their grace. But is it really so, is every dress carefully executed, as Iryna Kotapska herself says?

The best fabrics

For tailoring each dress in each collection, the fashion house uses only the best fabrics that European manufacturers can offer. Thanks to the quality of materials it became possible to create royally luxurious and simultaneously incredibly complex models of bridal dresses.

Corsets are made of a dense, well-fitting figure fabric, which simultaneously keeps the shape well and allows you to hide all possible flaws of the figure. In addition to all these qualities, very beautiful materials are used of rich shades – milk, snow-white, creamy, fashionable in this season powdery, beige.

The basis for creating the most open and at the same time comfortable models became a thin and almost invisible mesh. It was the basis for complex embroidery and decor. It imperceptibly supports straps and does not allow the corset to slide down. From the mesh sewn almost invisible sleeves, which then expand with beaded patterns/ On the bride’s body, the mesh is almost invisible, especially if it matches the skin tone. Here are examples of models with a mesh.

Accurate sewing

Only manual work allows you to accurately perform the most complex elements of any outfit. Here in this photo, you can see how carefully the secret zipper is sewn. It does not disturb the beauty of the placers of crystals and beads and is almost completely disguised.

Wedding dresses for brides pearl pearl handmade

Closely looking at any model, you can see how carefully and diligently it is performed. You will not find an uneven stitch or protruding threads, and all the joints of the fabric are carefully chosen so for not to disturb the harmony of the outfit. Here in this photo, you can see how smoothly and imperceptibly the corset turns into a skirt. At all, seams and joints of the fabric are not visible, two different types of fabric create a solid cloth.

Wedding dresses for brides Swarovski stones handmade

Here is an example of the fabric from which some models are made in the collection of San Souci. See what a beautiful milky-golden shade has a fabric. For tailoring tight fitting corsets and silk mermaid dresses, the brand uses a special stretch satin material. It has the texture of natural satin, but at the same time it fits well the figure and keeps the form.

Skirts are usually made of lightweight chiffon or English tulle. It is these materials that make it possible to create air flying silhouettes, while not weighing the dress itself and the image of the bride as a whole.

Wedding dresses for brides Swarovski stones handmade

Decorating elements

The theme of dress decoration deserves special attention. This is where all the complexity and subtlety of handwork execution of models are visible. After all, the fashion house not only sews dresses manually on an individual sketch of the designer but also makes all the decorative elements themselves. The brand does not purchase ready-made decor elements, the masters do everything completely on their hands.

Most of the models in the collections are decorated with flowers and rich embroidery. For example, this photo shows how difficult and interesting can be a simple decorative flower made by the skillful hands of professional masters.

Wedding dresses for brides handmade

All elements are not embroidered but sewn exactly on fabric. Due to what all the patterns and embroidery turn out to be voluminous and expressive. The brand also uses 3D applications, which allows you to clearly draw every detail of the most complex decor.

Irina Kotapska pays much attention to the little things that make up the overall impression of the bridal dress. This makes each dress unique and elegant. Here’s a good example. Even the usual fringe on the dress is not made of threads, as we are all used to, but from thin bead threads. The decoration of the neckline is also generously embroidered with beads, pearls, and crystals.

Often the designer uses a belt to emphasize the waistline and give the image a bit of grace. For this, several intertwined threads of the bead are used. It looks accurate and very elegant, and at the same time so simply and naturally, vividly shows a special ability to combine the simplicity and luxury, which was mentioned at the beginning of the article.

Wedding for brides pearl handmade

The secret of unsurpassed radiance is crystals

For sewing corsets and skirts, only the best materials are used – Czech beads, crystal and Swarovski crystals. It is necessary to tell a little about each of them.

Swarovski crystals are known all over the world because they can reflect light almost like real diamonds. The secret is in the special way of processing each stone and grinding. In real, the crystals begin to sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow spectrum.

Natural crystal. It is this natural stone that gives any image some femininity and romanticism. The crystals are transparent, like a drop of dew, due to what they drawing attention to the bridal gown. The crystal beautifully shimmers and gently reflects the light.

Wedding dresses for brides pearl handmade

Czech beads of Preciosa. This is the best beads that a European manufacturer can offer. Its peculiarity is that all the beads are the same size and color. This is what makes it possible to create amazing in its beauty and complexity patterns of handmade embroidery.

Affordable Beauty

Brand Iryna Kotapska offers dresses of excellent quality only handmade at competitively low prices. For large intermediary companies, the most profitable offer operates. The brand is interested in wholesale buyers and intermediaries, so it offers a wide range of sizes and prices.

If you liked the collection or just a few dresses of Iryna Kotapska, the whole range of works can be viewed on the site of the fashion house. In the catalog, you can often find offers with a good discount. Practical every season the brand presents its new collection, which takes into account all new and fashionable trends. Therefore, you can offer your customers the most fashionable and trendy dresses that are available at the moment.

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