Manufacturer of wedding dresses for fat brides

Manufacturer of wedding dresses for fat brides

wedding dress sizing

To be the most beautiful on the wedding day can be not only a girl with a model appearance. You can be elegant and feminine, even with curvy shapes. It all depends on the right wedding  dress. Everything is important – color, style, an accuracy of cut and quality of materials. If you decide to become the most exquisite bride, give preference to designer outfits.

Why is a designer dress better than usual?

Designers of clothing, especially wedding dresses, are those who subtly understand all the features of the figure and can offer a gorgeous dress with a perfect fit for girls with any shape. The design house of Iryna Kotapska, along with the main collections, can offer a wide selection of wedding dresses for brides with big forms.

Designer dress is:

  • First of all exclusive. Each model is carefully thought out and has its own features – a different shape of the neckline, design of the skirt, cutout on the back.
  • Effect of the second skin. Author’s outfits fit the figure well, do not wrinkle and are very comfortable.
  • Tailoring by hand. This moment is almost decisive for many brides. Handwork will always be unique. The masters of the studio of Iryna Kotapska not only sew dresses but also decorate them with decor, rhinestones, and crystals by hand. It gives every ready-made dress more chic and luxury.
  • Quality materials. Only from high-quality fabrics, you can sew a really beautiful dress.
  • Reliable and convenient fittings. Therefore, all designer dresses are very comfortable, and after a while, they become insensible on the body.
plus the size wedding dress designers list

What do you get by purchasing an ordinary dress through the Internet from Chinese sites or plus size wedding gowns near me on the market? Low-quality fabrics, decor, which can come off after an hour of wearing, constant discomfort, and more. In a comfortable dress and fat and slim girl will be able to feel comfortable and confident. Comfort is especially important for girls of the full body. After all, the corset, in this case, should be designed for a big weight. On the Internet, there are many photos of brides who have broken corset bones or zipper. Think about what is better – take a chance and buy a simple dress or pay a little more and be 100% sure in your outfit?

plus size mother of the bride dresses floor length
plus size mother of the bride dresses floor length

 Secrets of the perfect wedding dress for fat brides

The same dress looks different on different figures. For someone, it can be a bad idea, but for someone, it will be perfect. Fat brides should consider choosing from plus the size wedding dress designers list especially carefully, paying attention to every detail. A few tips will help you choose the best model for the marriage ceremony.

Tip 1. A-silhouette and strict lines. Dresses with a long straight skirt will visually make a figure slimmer, hiding plump legs under their folds. These dresses can be slightly tight. Plus size mother of the bride dresses floor length is the best solution too.

Tip 2. Do not overly close the bust. Models with a beautiful neckline or V-neck will be just right. But at the same time the outfit should not look too defiant, everything in moderation.

Tip 3. Move the waistline up. If the skirt starts from the middle of the waist, a small tummy may be noticeable. But if you raise it higher, the extra length of the skirt will hide all the flaws in the figure.

Tip 4. Underline waistline with a belt. Many models in the catalog of Iryna Kotapska have a belt of silk ribbon or beads. If there is no such detail, you can supplement your outfit yourself. The wide ribbon tied behind will look beautiful.

Tip 5. Look just gorgeous models from the chest. The waistline begins under the bust; the dress should be strict, slightly fitting cut. In this decision, it is advantageous to emphasize the bust, hiding the fullness.

Tip 6. If you have wide massive shoulders, do not wear models with thin straps. Shoulders can be closed with a small sleeve. Also, in this case, large decorations, bows, etc. are excluded; it visually weights the upper part of the attire.

Tip 7. Models for big brides should be more modest, without a large number of decor, ruffles, lace. All this visually clutters up the image and the bride as a whole. It is possible to give preference along with a lace top and a simple skirt.

wedding dress sizing

Also, two-layer models look very good. Over the main dense fabric, there is a second layer of thin translucent tulle or lace. This will make your look airier and light. Also, almost any wedding dress can be worn with a cape. High-quality and beautiful dress for big brides Dresses for full girls differ from usual. For example, a larger number of bones can be used in a corset, and lacing on the back should be more frequent. But everything depends on the style and design of the dress. By purchasing a dress from the fashion house of Iryna Kotapska, you can be confident in quality and reliability. Judge for yourself:

  • For tailoring, the best fabrics, openwork French lace, and thin English tulle are used.
  • To make the dress perfectly fit and not fail at the most inopportune moment, the studio’s masters use Japanese accessories.
  • Natural crystal, Swarovski crystals, and Preciosa beads are used to create patterns, embroidery, and another décor.

In the catalog of the fashion house, there are models for every taste – the silhouette princess, a mermaid, A-silhouette, straight and others. Models can be divided into classic, strict, luxurious, romantic. Wedding dress sizing chart offers outfits for different brides. In short, every bride will be able to find the perfect attire for herself if she has a question where are plus size wedding shops near me.Brand collections can now be found in many boutiques around the world. Despite such success and popularity, the brand never stops at what has been accomplished. The studio annually, if not more often, presents new collections. Also in the arsenal of the fashion house, there are limited editions that are presented only at world-famous exhibitions. If you want to buy a wedding dress, but have big forms, look at the models in the catalog of Iryna Kotapska. There are many not only beautiful but also skillfully masking all the flaws in the figure models.

wedding dress sizing

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