All secrets and tips about bridal bouquet

How to choose the ideal bouquet for your wedding?


Wedding is one of the most exciting, solemn, romantic days in our life. It can be modest or lush, traditional or unusual, but every wedding can’t be imagined without flowers. Flowers are the best constituent of the romantic, unique atmosphere of the holiday. Wedding bouquets or bride bouquets are, probably, one of the most important attributes of every wedding celebration.

As there is no similar bride, there are no two identical wedding flower compositions for the bride. Such individual accessory as wedding bouquet is able to put the necessary accents or hide flaws.

To achieve the desired effect of the wedding composition, it is necessary to approach the selection of a bouquet responsibly. As the wedding bouquet is an integral part of each wedding, you should do all your best to choose it correctly and select flowers, bouquet’s type and shape which will ideally suit to bride dress, shoes, hairstyle and accessories. It is highly recommended to choose the bouquet when you have already decided with the general style of your wedding. Bride bouquet can be different. You can choose make gentle, bright, original, romantic, airy – it all depends on your preferences and imagination.


5 secrets of the “dress + bouquet” perfect combination


In our wedding salon you will be able to find different models of wedding dresses and to choose the one you will like most of all. To avoid situation when the bride bouquet doesn’t fit the dress’s style, let’s consider for which types of wedding dresses which bouquets fit best.

1) Classic: a classic round bouquet is best combined with the most common lush dresses with a corset. It will also look good with an A-silhouette, a dress-case and with a short dress a la “coquette”. But for a simple tight fitting long dress, it is not the best choice.

2) Cascade: a flower ball-shaped composition with a dropping train perfectly complements a similar dress. If your skirt is flowing, flared or ends with a plume – choose such a cascade without any doubts. An oblong high bouquet with a train will be perfectly combined with a Greek tunic. With lush, richly trimmed dresses, as well as with a high-waist dress, this shape of bouquet does not look. In such case it shortens the silhouette of the bride.

3) Fan: this modern version of the wedding bouquet brilliantly accompanies the bride image in the style of “Chicago of the forties”, “red carpet”, “elegance”. Fragrant, luxurious fan will be an excellent addition to the dress in the style of “Empire”.

4) Minimum: compositions from a small number of flowers, for example, five bright red large roses without additional decor, an option for strict outfits. However, if the leg of the bouquet is short, then you can take it to the bride in a long, not brilliant wedding dress. It also adds playfulness to the dress without finishing with an asymmetrical hem (front is short, behind is long).

5) Non-standard shapes: now florists experiment a lot. You can order almost any bouquet. Recently, bouquets-handbags have become popular. They can be worn with any dress, the main thing is that colors and décor are combined. In the winter, you can surprise everyone with a bouquet-clutch. It will look especially good with a fitted dress with a bright belt. To a dress with the high waist, a deep neckline, or a “mermaid” silhouette a bouquet in the shape of a heart will fit.

What flowers can be included into the bouquet

Our website is one of the most popular wedding dress online shops in USA and shows the most successful combinations of the bridal bouquets and dresses. Pay your attention on the type of flowers that these bouquets are made of. The most popular flowers that are included in the wedding bouquets are roses. White, cream and pink tones are used most often. In the majority of cases the bouquet for wedding is made of short pink roses with unblown buds. Roses can be matched in tone with artificial flowers that adorn the hairstyle, neckline or girdle of the dress.

However not only roses can be used for a bride bouquet. Such flowers as lilies, callas, lilies of the valley and gardenias also look beautiful. Also bride bouquet can consist tulips, carnations and peonies. Such flowers as gladioluses, narcissuses, camellias are not recommended – they symbolize both celebration and mourning. In our salon you will not only be able to choose the gown dress of your dream, but also to choose the best bride bouquet which fits it.


Wedding dress and the bouquet


When looking through wedding dresses online in Europe shops or bride dresses in USA, pay your attention on the bridal bouquets on photos. As a rule, there will be the most suitable options for the current model of bridal dress. It is very important to find a bouquet which will ideally fit to your dress. Such successful combination will make your whole image carefully thought out and completed. At the same time if you choose the wrong shape of bouquet or flowers that don’t suit your dress, you risk look ridiculous. Let’s sum up all secrets of successful combination of wedding dress and the bride bouquet.

To a classic dress with a lush skirt, a cascading bouquet is suitable. If the dress is short and narrow, a small bouquet usually looks good in combination with it. With a trouser suit bouquet-scepter can be perfectly combined. Romantic person, who prefers modest pastel colors should choose a bouquet which will be made in the same romantic style. The flower arrangement must match the fabric of the bride’s dress. Lace and flounces can be perfectly complemented with small white roses, while hydrangea and camellia with their shiny leaves will look great with such fabrics as brocade and satin.

The main thing when choosing the bouquet and dress is not to worry, in our wedding salon you will be able to choose the excellent combination of bouquet and dress which make your wedding really unforgettable. 

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