Story of one Chicago wedding dress.

Wedding. Dream or nightmare? Story of one Chicago wedding dress

Most of people (if not everyone) smile happily when heard the word “wedding”. We all used to think that wedding day is the happiest day of everyone’s life. But here we should emphasize the phrase “wedding day”, because all period BEFORE wedding more looks like nightmare than simple and relaxing preparing to this magic day. Until I faced with all these pre-wedding preparations I also thought that there is nothing difficult and especially nervous in it, but it was like a “pink glasses” that disappeared immediately. I don’t want to say that it is bad, I have never thought this way, for me wedding is the same magic and unforgettable day as for most of you, the one thing that I want you to know is that it’s not so simple as it seems from the first view. The first and the most important problem for me while preparing to wedding was wedding dress. It was the whole story about which I want to tell you in this article.

Wedding dresses. Simple choice?

Let’s start from the very beginning. I thought that it will never be a problem to choose a wedding dress, because nowadays you can find a lot of wedding salons and online stores that offer a lot of wedding dresses models for purchasing. But of course it wasn’t so simple as I thought. When start choosing it becomes obvious that a lot of wedding dresses are similar in many shops. And moreover the quality of many dresses offered by the modern providers is not as high as I want it to be, while the dresses’ price is unreasonably high. The day of wedding is one of the most beautiful days in our life, so it’s obvious that each bride wants to look best in this day and of course wear the most wonderful and unique dress that will amaze everyone and especially fiancé with its beauty and luxury. Of course I wasn’t an exception and limited choice of available dresses didn’t impress me at all. I decided not to spoil my wedding day with the Chinese-quality dress from the first shop that I found and decided on the most unexpected and spontaneous trip in my life. I went to Chicago.

Chicago wedding dresses. What’s so special?

Once I read a lot reviews from brides all over the world about the wedding dresses in Chicago. Many of them recommended the one shop with wedding dresses on sale in Chicago. And after all my unsuccessful searches guess what I decided to do? Yes, I went there and decided that I will have the best Chicago style wedding anyone can imagine. So, what I was looking for? I had the precise characteristics, or rather list with characteristics that I want my future wedding dress to have. I want it to be unique, stylish, luxurious and at the same time with affordable price tag, with the highest quality of all materials used for it and its accessories, and I want it to be …special. For me wedding dress is not a simple white dress. With all its beauty and luxury wedding dress for me is like the beginning of the new stage in my life, it is the beginning of sincere and pure love and fidelity, it helps to express feelings that can’t be said with words. You will say that I want too much, but I find it! The one and only wedding dress, which completely satisfied all my requirements. There were several things that impressed me a lot in this Chicago wedding salon. First of all – wide choice. When you enter the wedding salon the first time in your life you stunned with all this white beauty and think that there are a lot beautiful and worth your attention models but when you calm down and start to choose among them, you understand that first- there are not so many options available and second- almost none of them are beautiful enough. Unlike many shops with limited choice of available wedding dresses that I visited before, this wedding salon has pleasantly impressed me with its wide choice and a lot of qualitative options made from the topnotch fabrics, which I almost immediately decided to try on. These dresses go far ahead from the other options offered today with their quality. Everything starting from the lace and finishing with the smallest bead on the clasp of the dress can boast of the first-class quality. It was the first thing that conquered my heart and made me fall in love with these wedding dresses. The next thing was the quality of these dresses tailoring. When hold this wedding dress in hands you understand that you can move in it however you want and dance in it as actively as you want, it will never tear in the most inappropriate moment of your wedding. One more thing that has also astonished me was the style of these dresses. When I came I thought that I am sure which type of wedding dress I want to buy, but when I saw this choice, all my plans were broken. There were so much wonderful options in different styles and with modern unique designs that it seemed like it’s impossible to choose only one. I can say with confidence that here any bride can find the wedding dress she like thanks to the great variety of luxurious options. Finally I found it…The wedding dress that was created specially for me. It was so ideal that I decided to buy it no matter how much it costs, but the price of this dress surprised me with its affordability especially when compare it with the high quality of this dress. As I said before, the wedding dress for me is much more than just a simple dress, so I want to say that this one was the real choice prompted by heart. This was the dress created for me and I was the bride created for it.

Happy end of my Chicago story

To finish this story with happy end I want to say that this dress was one of the major reasons why my Chicago style wedding was amazing and unforgettable and I looked like a real princess from the fairy tale. All my friends asked me where I found this fabulous dress and told me that it’s unreal. I have never regretted about this purchasing and will remember this spontaneous trip during all my life.

The ideal wedding with the beloved fiancé and wonderful luxurious dress is the dream of each girl on Earth. I wish all brides to be as happy as I was and highly recommend them this shop with wedding dresses on sale in Chicago. You worth this beauty as no one else! 

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