If wedding fashion izmir 2018

If wedding fashion izmir 2018Turkey as the capital of wedding fashion

The majority of us used to think that Turkey is a great place for rest only. Of course it is, you can spend an amazing time on the snow-white beaches of the Mediterranean Sea sipping the cocktails, but actually you can go to Turkey for another great purpose. This purpose is an annual event that is called the “if wedding fashion Izmir”. It is an annual exhibition of wedding and evening dresses from the world leading manufacturers. If you want to be in the deep heart of the wedding fashion and follow all the newest trends, you must visit this event without any doubts.

The Izmir is famous as the Turkish wedding capital. At the annual exhibition that takes place in this city the newest models of wedding dresses, suits for grooms and evening dresses will be shown exclusively for professionals in this industry. In Izmir, one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey, which is located on the Aegean coast, under the patronage of the city hall, one of the largest exhibition companies of the sector – İZFAŞ will be held from January 16 to 19, 2018. It will be the 12th anniversary exhibition of wedding dresses, men’s suits and evening dresses that is world famous at the name of IF Wedding Fashion İzmir 2018 – 2017. The organizers of this wedding exhibition feel great joy from the opportunity to hold this exhibition for the 12th time in Fuar İzmir.

A bit more about annual IF Wedding Fashion Izmir event

IF Wedding Fashion Izmir Bridal Expo is one of the largest exhibitions in Europe. Approved by the World Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI), the exhibition for the 12th time in Izmir will present famous Turkish brands to the world. It will bring together local and foreign representatives of the wedding industry in the capital of weddings – Izmir. IF Wedding Fashion İzmir annually meets delegations of buyers from all over the world, promotes increase of volumes of export in the sector of the wedding industry, conducts work for attraction of visitors from all over the world, including the ones from Europe. A gala evening will take place during this event, in which world-famous fashion designers will take part. Also you will be able to see a competition for the best design of a wedding dress which opens the great opportunities for young talents to show themselves and their best works. Also solo defile will take part in this event. From 16 to 19 January in Izmir, fashion will reign.

For whom this event is created?

When reading about so famous if wedding fashion Izmir bridal expo the normal question is for whom this event is created and who is the main target audience? We are glad to answer this question to clarify all the most important moments which are connected with this exhibition. The organizers of the IF Wedding Fashion İzmir 2018 – 2017 (and all the exhibitions of previous years as well) highly emphasize that this event is focused exclusively on professionals of this area. Each wedding gown wholesaler who is interested in its dresses and want to offer buyers only the newest models from the world fashion brands is highly recommended to visit this bridal expo in order to be in trend of all the newest designs of wedding dresses, suits for grooms and evening dresses. The novelty of the offered dresses in every wedding salon is the straight way to success because each bride wants to make the wedding day special and remember it for the whole her life. She wants to be the princess in this day, and she worth it! It will be quite strange if the bride is looking for some out-of-date models which absolutely are not popular nowadays. Because of it each wedding salon or each Bridal wholesaler wants to do best and visit all modern exhibitions, fashion weeks and other similar events that are aimed on the presentation the newest design of the wedding dresses from both famous and beginning designers. By visiting such exhibitions as if wedding fashion Izmir bridal market the people owning the wedding salons or another kinds of wedding business will be able not only to see the modern fashion trends of evening and wedding dresses and suits for grooms, but also to purchase the options they liked most of all in order to present them and offer for purchasing in their wedding salons or websites. In such events companies get the opportunity to get several points of view from fashion industry professionals from different countries with different experiences, education and unique views on wedding fashion.

When where and how much?

Let’s move on to the organization moments and discuss when this exhibition will take place, the place where this fashion week will be held and the cost of participation. Let’s start from the very beginning. International wedding and evening fashion show IF Wedding Fashion Izmir 2017-2018 will be held in Izmir from 16 to 19 January 2018, at the territory of the Izmir Fair exhibition center. At this exhibition guests will be presented with all novelties of evening and wedding fashion that can meet any expectations, and introduce different styles and fashion trends. The exhibition will provide guests with the unique opportunity to explore the Turkish wedding market. Last year, such an exhibition was placed on the territory of 25,000 square meters, and attracted more than 170 exhibitors. At IF Wedding Fashion Izmir 2018 wedding dresses and costumes will be presented, as well as high-quality evening dresses, underwear, wedding dresses for children, exclusive wedding dresses in elegant style, custom-made clothes, floral services, hairdressers, jewelry, accessories, shoes, bags, suitcases, and other leather goods, also you will be able to see and purchase various services for decorating the hall, photo and video shooting, celebration services and much more.

We highly recommended to book hotels in advance in because of the large influx of participants and price increase connected with it.

How many participants will take part?

The if wedding fashion Izmir bridal expo, which has modestly started from an area of 3000 square meters and only 74 participants, till the last year has evolved into a grandiose event in the world of wedding and evening fashion where one hundred and fifty Turkish and twenty one foreign manufacturers have presented their new collections. In this year organizers of this great event expect even more participants from all around the world. The European manufacturers of evening and wedding dresses from Ukraine will also take part in this event and present their best models to the world. The previous Izmir exhibition attracted the attention of professional wholesale buyers from the United States, Angola, Germany, Arab countries, Austria, Azerbaijan, the United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Bulgaria, Algeria, China, Palestine, Finland, France, Croatia, the Netherlands, Iraq, Iran, Spain, Israel, Italy , Canada, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Kosovo, Kuwait, Libya, Russia and many other countries. In this year this list will be significantly expanded by other countries. For four days Izmir will become the world center of wedding and evening fashion.

What can you expect from this event? Mass orders, long-term contracts, new sales markets are among main reasons to visit it. The success of annual IF Wedding Fashion Izmir is obvious.

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