Wedding makeup: how to choose a make-up for a wedding dress

Wedding makeup: how to choose a make-up for a wedding dress

Each bride wants to be the most beautiful and the brightest at her wedding. Only the concepts of the beauty of each person are different. For some, beauty is a python skin dress and gold jewelry, and someone likes a straight dress on the floor without a single decor or a flower. If you really want to become irresistible, but at the same time elegant on your wedding day, you need to correctly combine dress and makeup.The dress does not have to be expensive or of unusual cut. The main thing is how you will wear it – confidently and gracefully or constantly thinking about what guests think about you. Therefore, the first thing to do is to choose a model of a wedding dress in which you will feel comfortable physically and morally. At first, choose a perfect dress for yourself, and then you can start creating an image of trembling beauty and refinement.

Point 1: correctly combine colors

The gold rule always and everywhere – do not overdo it. This means that you always must know the measure. Therefore, if you have a classic white, cream or beige wedding dress, you should choose make-up in the same light and natural colors. A bright accent can be expressive eyes and lips. But do not experiment on your wedding day and do make-up a la Moulin Rouge.

“Now in trend is the naturalness”

This year, as never before, makeup will be appreciated in natural colors, which will suit, perhaps, any dress of classic shade and cut.

Point 2: beautiful skin

The most attention should be paid to smoothing the skin tone. Nothing decorates the bride, and any girl in general, like a beautiful well-groomed healthy skin with a natural blush, without excessive shine and the effect of the porcelain mask. If you can find a good make-up master, consider that you are lucky. A beautiful smooth skin tone is the main thing in good make-up. The right decision, in this case, will emphasize the eyes and the line of the lips.

Point 3: If you want to make a bright accent

Most brides prefer dresses in classic shades, but the classic modest makeup is not always. If you want to look feminine, but at the same time stylish and modern, you can focus on the eyes – makeup smoky eyes. In black, this makeup will look more expressive. And in brown – natural.

You can also emphasize the lips, giving them a beautiful shape with a contour pencil and shine. But in order not to make an image vulgar, you need to choose one of the two.

Point 4: Beautiful makeup all day long

If you look at wedding photos of our moms or even older friends, you can notice an unobtrusive fact – at the painting ceremony, the bride looks beautiful. But in the evening, cutting the cake her face is not so fresh and bright. It’s all about make-up, which did not “endure” the day marathon in the registry office, the park, and the restaurant.

That at the wedding such did not happen, choose modern techniques of drawing of cosmetics. For example, an aerografy. This technique will make the tone and makeup itself perfectly smooth. Cosmetics will not be erased all day long. But if you do not have money for a professional make-up artist with experience of using new techniques, you can independently make a firm and natural tone of your face- water a sponge, apply a foundation cream on your face and evenly spread it. This will also help to hold on makeup noticeably longer than usual.

Point 5: Every detail matters

Makeup on the face should be like a continuation of the wedding dress. After all, first of all, when looking at the bride, many pay attention to her wedding dress. Therefore, you need to focus not on fashion trends, but on what is the best for you:

  • A straight dress with a straight skirt looks a little stern, so makeup should also be restrained. A perfect option – a matte tone of the face, lipstick of natural or cold pink tones, elegant hairstyle.
  • With classic princess silhouette dress, you can afford more expressive makeup. It all depends on how you want to look – romantic and feminine or bright and attract attention. In this case, the smoky eye makeup will look very nice.
  • The dress of the silhouette of the Mermaid looks elegant but at the same time a little coquettish. You can distinguish the lips with a bright lipstick of a beautiful juicy hue.
  • Dress in Greek style. Of course, natural colors and gold are suitable here – shades of golden or bronze color, lipstick in very gentle tones, slightly braided hair. In a word, everything is very simple, a little careless, but luxurious and stylish.

A beautiful dress and high-quality make-up is a guarantee that at the wedding you will be in the spotlight. The dress does not have to be very expensive or embroidered with real pearls. The secret of the perfect dress is in its design and decor. Studio Iryna Kotapska offers a large selection of handmade wedding dresses and bridal accessories at reasonable prices. You can order bridal gowns online, we offer discount bridal.

In the catalog of the designer, you can find dozens of affordable bridal dresses and exquisite images of a modern bride of different styles and designs – embroidered with beads and crystals, with complex openwork ornaments, floral patterns, made of transparent thin tulle or completely closed, with short and long sleeves.

The main accent designer makes on a beautifully designed corset, which would create an ideal waistline and bust. Therefore, any bride in such wedding dress will feel confident and free. The main direction in the collections is a new interpretation of the classic silhouettes. There are no colorful outfits with pathos decor. The main task is to emphasize the natural beauty of the bride. Therefore, to buy such a dress, you can do absolutely any make-up within the frames of the classic style and “luxury”.

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