The new collection from the fashion house Iryna Kotapska is a combination of royal luxury and unsurpassed chic, an opportunity for every bride to feel herself magnificent and shining at her wedding. The main silhouette of the bridal dress in the collection became the “princess”. Exactly a tight top and a lush bottom are considered as a classic option for a bridal gown of any style.
Sophistication and some coquetry
Each model combines two basic elements – a very open translucent corset or bodice and a huge lush skirt made of several layers of tulle. Also in the collection there is a dress “Mermaid” for those who wants to emphasize all the dignity of their figure.
Features of the collection:
• Hand embroidery on the corset. Due to this, you can create patterns of any complexity that draw attention by their beauty and complexity. The embroidery decorates almost every dress in the collection.
• Thin lace with large elements. It allows you to make the image more expressive and vivid.
• 3D technology of manual embroidery by beads.
• Lush skirts with pleats, multilayered, from tulle with patterns. Each model received its original skirt, which perfectly complements to the openwork top.
• The maximum open back in many dresses. It is this detail that brings to the outfit a note of coquetry.
Also in this collection many models draw attention by the deep decollete. A dense corset and a molded bust cup make it possible to create a correct and beautiful bust shape. Therefore, you can be sure that the dress will perfectly “sit” on the figure and create a feminine silhouette.
High quality in every detail
Each dress of bridal gown designers is not only beautiful, but also very comfortable and practical. The models are made of thin “breathable” materials. Therefore, even the most intricate dress with a lush multi-layered skirt will not seem heavy; it does not hamper the moves. Also, Japanese accessories are used for sewing models, so you can dance and actively move and not worry about the reliability of the outfit.
Each dress in the Luxury Inspiration collection is a pearl that does not need additional framing. Become the most beautiful princess on your wedding with the outfits from the fashion designer Iryna Kotapska!