The model favorably differs in beauty and complexity of color schemes. The upper part of the attire is sewn from an almost invisible fishnet mesh in the color of the body. In addition, on the corset, shoulders, sleeves, the mesh is decorated with delicate embroidered patterns of sparkling crystals, beads. At first it may seem that the embroidery is right on the body – this adds coquetry and originality to the dress.

The back of the dress is maximally closed and decorated with beautiful embroidery (handmade). For a more sophisticated outfit on the waist line is the decor in the form of flower petals. The pomp of the skirt is achieved due to the dense lining and several layers of tulle. The skirt has no additional decor. This is the secret of the attractiveness of the dress – a complex top and a simple bottom. This pretty model will decorate the any wedding image.

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