An excellent choice for a bride who wants to choose a unique wedding dress. The model is made in the elegant silhouette of a mermaid and looks very extraordinary. The top of the dress (corset) is made of a practically invisible thin mesh, on which amazing hand-embroidered patterns are applied. Embroidery is made using sparkling crystals and beads. Fashionable fringed trim surrounds the neckline and neckline.
A thin thread of beads, located on the neckline, gives the dress an even greater charm. The skirt of the model is made of dense fabric, which is not enlightened at all. It fits impressively on the figure and diverges in smooth folds from the knee.
From the back the model has a neat train. Such features of the model make the wedding image even more graceful and delicate.
The combination of simple and complex, magic patterns and original decor in the form of fringe – all these designer finds will make you the most stylish and beautiful bride.

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To buy a dress, first download a photo, take it to any nearby bridal salon, and order through the salon.

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