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Any bride is the central figure at the wedding. All are interested in the style and color of the dress, accessories, wedding bouquet and the bride’s hairstyle. But of course, most of all the attention is attracted to the dress itself. To choose a beautiful dress for the wedding is an important matter, but to become a real princess at your wedding is a task that not every girl can cope with.

Want to be fashionable and stylish at the wedding, pick out an outfit worthy of the queen? Then it is worth knowing what kind of dresses the “blue blood” persons marry. In our parade of the brightest and most luxurious wedding images, we’ll talk about this, and you’ll be able to understand how to become a princess for your prince!

The wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle

36-year-old fiancee of Prince Harry has a good taste, which we can see from the daily dresses of the girl. Therefore, it is expected that the wedding dress will be executed in the same restrained and simple style. The style, as well as the color and all other details of the attire,  are keeping in total confidence.

Now we only know that it will be a dress with a long sleeve and embroidery – these moments the bride herself asked to take into account, after all, this is the ideal dress for the royal wedding in her imagination.


The bride looked at the wedding simply charming! She chose a simple and very delicate dress with long sleeves and a small neckline. The upper part of the dress was made of thin lace, and the skirt was made of dense opaque fabric. The future princess was very pretty in a modest princess silhouette dress

The wedding of Prince Carl Philipp and Sofia Hellkvist (Switzerland)

This wedding struck with its luxury and royal chic. Although the bride chose for this event a classic dress with a rather small neckline and a long sleeve. The feature of the outfit was a long luxurious train, which gave the image the very royal luxury.

Prince Albert II and Charlene Wittstock (Monaco)

This wedding was celebrated for three days, which cost to the Prince $ 70 million. Despite all this luxury, the bride’s dress was rather modest – it was made of a dense fabric with short lowered straps and lace embroidery. This is another vivid example of the fact that a wedding dress does not have to be pathos and frankly expensive. The main thing is to have a good sense of style!

Wedding of Stephanie de Lannoy and Prince Guillaume (Luxembourg)

Despite the restraint of the ceremony, the bride shone in her incredibly elegant and stylish wedding dress. The outfit of beige color with lace top was embroidered with openwork patterns. A special feature of the outfit was a completely closed neckline and a ¾ sleeve. The waistline was emphasized by the belt.

What will be the wedding dress for princesses this year?

Designers offer a lot of original solutions of bridesmaid dresses, including a high neck and sleep dresses. It is worth to know all the fashion trends of this season if you want to pick up the perfect dress.

The color is on trend – pink and gold

Finally, fans of all the unusual got the opportunity to get married not in a classic white dress, but in a combination of pink and gold shades. A great solution to make your image more vivid. In this case, the style of the dress does not matter – it can be an A-line dress, with a large neckline or tight fitting.

Helter neckline

It is not necessary to choose an outfit with a large neckline, this season you can go under the crown in a dress with a high neck. This decision will emphasize your beautiful shoulders and bust line, at the same time attracts more attention to the face.

Flowing slip dresses

Another solution from the American wedding dress designers, through which you can go under the crown in an unusual dress. Such a model of a bridal dress will emphasize all the merits of the figure. The complement may be the applique on the bodice and sleeves boho

The style of the dress will also please with variety. This year, you can buy in the wedding bridal shops the silhouettes of the princess, as well as A-silhouette, tight-fitting, straight models,  are in fashion. If you want royal luxury, choose one of the gorgeous dresses with a lush skirt and tight corset.

Where can you buy a fashion dress?

Having become acquainted with the wedding fashion, wedding branding, and styles of royal dresses, many girls simply do not know where to find and order such couture gowns at a reasonable cost. A great solution will be collections of young fashion designers. For example Iryna Kotapska. Several advantages of this fashion house:

  • All wedding apparel are handmade by the studio masters.
  • The best materials are used – thin tulle, lace, Swarovski crystals and Preciosa beads.
  • Each outfit combines classical femininity and modern trend solutions.
  • Comfort is not in the last place, so you will feel comfortable in the wedding dress all day.
  • Affordable bridesmaid dresses for advantageous cost

All collections of the gown bridesmaid dresses can be viewed on the bridal websites or seen “on real” at the world’s most fashionable exhibitions. The convenient way is to order dresses online. The site presents the entire range of the brand, you can also see the models at a lower cost. For wholesale buyers, there are always good discounts and promotional offers.

A few bright new models from Iryna Kotapska

The designer, above all, seeks to make the outfit incredibly feminine and romantic. Therefore, any model will turn you into a princess at your own wedding. Below you can see some particularly relevant in this season model of wedding dresses.

A really summer and light outfit, fresh as a summer breeze on the seaside. A thin chiffon skirt with a large cut is successfully combined with a translucent top. The bodice is liberally embroidered with beads. The back is also decorated with embroidery with large elements. Such a dress will emphasize all the dignity of the figure, while the bride can feel comfortable and free in it. Straight silhouette dress.

Laconic, but at the same time very elegant dress combines white and powder colors. The A-line dress fits girls with any shapes. Beaded corset with a beautifully designed back perfectly fits with a skirt that smoothly turns into a train. Notice that many royal brides chose long-tailored dresses.

This model of a wedding dress is very similar to one of those that princesses choose for a wedding ceremony – a long sleeve, openwork top and a long skirt, a straight neckline. Therefore, in this outfit, you will be very close to the image of a real princess by the standards of monarchs.

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