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wedding dress with pearls
Wedding dress sn1805l
Simplicity and elegance will never go out of fashion. If you are looking for such a dress, then the model SN1805N will attract you exactly for these characteristics. The dress has a classic cut of the wedding outfit - a tight top, a lush bottom. Thanks to this combination, any girl will look in this dress elegantly and romantically. All collections of the young designer Iryna Kotapska are created in a very delicate elegant style. The models look expensive and neat, they sit perfectly on girls of any height and complexion.
At one of the largest exhibitions of wedding and evening dresses, our wedding dress distributors proudly presented outfits from different series. A new European brand will certainly be able to surprise the discerning public of America and other countries.
Particular qualities of this model:
•    The upper part is decorated with crystals and beads. They create a light flicker effect, but the model does not look vulgar at the same time/
•    The corset well fits the figure, giving it the right shape. But thanks to the quality fittings, the girl does not feel discomfort or stiffness in movements for the whole day.
•    A poufy skirt makes the image fragile and feminine, while hiding the possible shortcomings of the figure.
•    Thanks to the wide straps, this model is suitable for girls with broad shoulders
The dress looks great and sits perfectly on the figure. The secret is that all models of the brand Iryna Kotapskay are made by hands of masters of the factory. Only manual work allows you to make the most correct patterns and fit the model exactly to the figure. During the work the master gives a small part of himself, so the dresses look incredibly beautiful, they are comfortable and nice to wear. Equally important that the model, like all the others in the catalog, is made of the highest quality and natural materials. Only high-quality fabrics and accessories create the right image, and the model looks luxurious and expensive.
The Iryna Kotapska brand is the Bridal wholesaler attire in Chicago, which will easily become a competitor to the promoted and more famous brands. It has one significant difference: Iryna Kotapska offers dresses in bulk and at a low cost. At a beneficial price, you can buy several dresses or a whole collection for your small store or an entire retail chain of salons. A great advantage of the factory is that the craftsmen themselves paint and sew the outfits, and the managers are interested in cooperation with a large number of wholesale buyers. A flexible partnership policy makes the brand open and easy to work with.
The model is available in three basic colors - white, ivory and powder. It is the most successful shades for this type of dress. They look well with light and dark type of skin. White dress looks great on swarthy brunettes. The ivory is suitable for trembling blondes, and the powder will emphasize the sparkling glow of the rusty curls.
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Order to buy a dress from the USA Tel.+1 888-84-113-42

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Wedding dress with pearlsAgain, thanks to handmade work, the dress can be ordered in almost any size – from a miniature 40 to a magnificent 58. It’s not difficult to fit a dress to individual measurements of a non-standard figure.
Also in the design studio Iryna Kotapska you can order a limited series of outfits according to the client’s sketches.



It is worth paying attention to the materials from which the model is made:
• The bodice is embroidered with Swarovski crystals and beads of Preciosa. The Swarovski crystals shine almost as brightly as real diamonds. In any combination, they look expensive and give a chic to your look. Czech beads are perfectly the same in size, shape and color, so it is often uses in decorating the collections of different fashion houses.
• The corset perfectly sits and fits around the figure thanks to high-quality Japanese fittings. It is easy and endurance.
• Thin English tulle looks elegant and simple; it creates an effect of weightlessness. Thanks to such qualities, the skirt stays always lush and keeps the shape.
• Natural fabrics are used for the corset and lining. They pass the air well and do not cause allergies.
The brand Iryna Kotapska will become an excellent alternative to Asian companies. How did China conquer the world? First of all, these are low prices. They are achieved through the use of synthetic and low-quality materials, the work of inexperienced masters and so on. The European brand Iryna Kotapska offers models of exclusive design, from quality fabrics and at low cost. In the hope of buying a beautiful and high-quality dress, the brides have to spend thousands and thousands to buy designer clothes in the salon. The new brand makes it possible to save money and purchase a dress no worse, and by some characteristics even better than well-known brands.
The big plus for this model is that the bride does not need a lot of accessories or jewelry. A gentle image will be complemented by an elegant tiara, a thin bracelet or earrings of unusual shape. Also the image can be complemented by a small clutch or purse. But if you have a wedding bouquet in your hand, this is quite enough too. This model is a completely completed image, which can only be slightly supplemented with suitable accessories.
European wedding gown wholesaler at the exhibition in Chicago always attracts a lot of attention. The views on a beautiful wedding dress in each country vary. The benchmark is Italy and France, but recently legislators of wedding fashion have become brands from other countries.
In conclusion, we can say that this model of dress will look great at the wedding celebration of any size and theme. An elegant design and perfect cut will only emphasize the natural beauty and femininity of the bride.