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Wedding dress pink echoes the A-line

Most brides start wedding preparations with a selection of a dress.

They would like the outfit to emphasize all the merits of the figure and hide the flaws, express the sense of style and ideally sat on the figure. All these qualities are combined in model SN1806L.The dress draws attention with a lot of interesting details, at the same time it does not look vulgar or cumbersome. The big advantage of this model is that it looks great on girls of any height and complexion.

Wedding dress with lace always looks gentle and feminine. But the important thing is that this outfit does not look vulgar or too frank. If you like a modest lace, then this option is just for you.
Advantages of this outfit:
•          The lace corset emphasizes a beautiful bust, a thin waist, while the cutout is rather modest in front.
•          Lace beautifully lies on the back, doing the image more elegance and making it more original.
•          The model looks more interesting thanks to the belt.
•          A poufy skirt completely covers the legs, thereby hiding the possible shortcomings of the figure.

Distributors of the company offer a wedding dress with lace in several colors. After all, lace - this is exactly the material that completely depends from its color. White lace looks romantic, red looks colorful, and black gives the image some coquetry.
Remembering about the color, it is worth saying that this model is represented in three most successful shades - white, ivory and powder. They are suitable for any skin tone, color of hair and eyes. In spite of the complexion, the bride will look exquisite and luxurious at the same time.
Why should we order a wedding dress from the brand Iryna Kotapska?
There are several good reasons for this:
• Everyone, absolutely all models are sewn by hand by factory masters. This allows you to make the dress as precisely as possible according to the pattern, excludes all defects, carelessly made work and so on.
• Designers themselves imaging and developing each line.

The main idea is to create something new, but in a classical style. You will not find extravagant outfits in collections, something outrageous or too frank. But at the same time, the wedding collection looks fresh and interesting.

Only the best materials from around the world are used for sewing dresses. A quality thing looks and worn well.
Brand designer clothes can be bought at low cost. If you want to order a whole line of dresses, you will certainly appreciate the benefits of this solution.

Order to buy a dress from the USA
Tel.+1 888-84-113-42

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SKU: SN1806L 1

Order to buy a dress from the USA
Tel.+1 888-84-113-42

SKU: SN1806L 1


Iryna Kotapska is an excellent alternative to Chinese producers. All the outfits are sewn according to European, and not by Asian standards. Therefore, they fit to our girls size in size. Agree, it’s nice to wear a dress of your size and feel that it is sitting, as if you were personally measured.

To look and feel comfortable is one of the main criteria that a wedding dress should match. And it should be reliable and easy. Considering all these moments, designers create incredibly beautiful and at the same time comfortable and simple outfits. For sewing of each dress the best fabrics and accessories, which only the world market can offer, are taken.

The corset is made of French lace. Only French lace has such a beautiful large pattern, from which you can make whole outfits. Lace is dense, but at the same time soft, due to which it is good to lay down on the figure and from it you can sew a tight fitting outfit.

To give the image a radiance and shine, the top is embroidered with beads of Preciosa. This is the best Czech beads in the world; the beads are all the same size and color. Such beads often use for the decorating of dresses and other clothes by popular brands of women’s clothing.

Lush skirt is made of light quality tulle. It passes air, keeps the original shape well and does not crumble. The skirt will be lush and airy from the first and until the last minute of your wedding.

Thanks to the elegant design, this model does not need additional accessories. Silver tiara, bracelet, long earrings will suit perfectly. A small bridal bouquet will be the best complement to the image. This outfit looks good with strait or curly hair. You can also put your hair in a magnificent hairdo.

Iryna Kotapska is a Bridal wholesaler attire. In Chicago, at the annual exhibition of wedding dresses and accessories, the brand presented its best models from each series. A new cut and elegant decor, as well as a successful combination of simplicity and chic attracted many buyers from different parts of the world.

It is worth mentioning that the trade mark of Iryna Kotapska offers dresses sewn by craftsmen manually. Due to this, any model is represented in a wide range of sizes – from 40 to 58. If necessary, you can sew a favorite outfit on individual patterns. This is another advantage of manual sewing. The imagination of designers Iryna Kotapska is enough to create an unique collection in accordance with the customer’s sketches or without them.

This model of the dress is able to hide the shortcomings of a figure; it visually makes the shoulders more elegant, gives the breast the right shape. Thanks to a lush skirt without decor, the dress does not look very colorful and defiant. All these advantages of the outfit are carefully thought out by talented craftsmen to turn every girl into a princess. To be in the trend and to give happiness is the main task of any brand of the wedding segment.